James Franco Rejected by 17-year-old (Conversation Pics Inside)

James Franco

James Franco was rejected by a 17-year-old teen girl, the few times the actors charming smile did not work in his favor. James Franco is a highly recognized actor, he was nominated for an Oscar for the 2010 film 127 Hours. Franco started his career in the short-lived 2000 series Freaks and Geeks where he first met his casual co-star Seth Rogen. It was with his role as Harry in the Spider-Man franchise that led him to his Hollywood film career. James Franco hit it big with fans everywhere in his surprising hilarious turn in the 2008 pot smoking comedy Pineapple Express where he co-starred alongside Rogen.

The 17-year-old girl who rejected James Franco was visiting New York all the way from her home country of Scotland, she was here with her mother as an early birthday present. The 17-year-old named Lucy Clode met James Franco in person while she saw him perform in his Broadway play, Of Mice and Men. There the teen recorded a video of getting Franco’s autograph, Franco then told the teen to tag him on Instagram when she posts up the video. It was with the tag on Instagram that Franco was able to locate and contact Lucy.

It was on the picture and video sharing social media app Instagram that James Franco and 17-year-old Lucy began engaging in flirtatious conversation, most of the flirting coming from Franco’s end. Franco’s intentions come off rather clear and to the point with what he wanted to do with the 17-year-old Lucy, their conversation quickly moved from Instagram to texting. In one instance in their conversation James Franco asked Lucy is she had a boyfriend, where Lucy responded by saying not if she were with Franco in person.

The conversation where James Franco is rejected by the 17-year-old quickly escalated, Franco asks more about Lucy, and Lucy lets him know how she is only visiting the city with her mother, and that she will leave soon. Franco quickly responds by suggesting they should meet in person before she leaves, here Lucy gets excited but also rather suspicious. Franco asks for her personal number, and the text conversation on the phone escalates further. Franco hastily tries to get the 17-year-old Lucy to meet with him, he asks what hotel she is staying and also if he should get a room for the two, already inferring what the meet up will entail between the two. Lucy then request proof from Franco to see if he is who he says he is, Franco send her a picture of himself stating yes it’s me. Lucy still unconvinced, and still flirting the 35-year-old actor along, says she requires further proof. She asks Franco to send a picture of himself holding up a paper with her name written on it, Franco quickly complies.

Afterward the 17-year-old Lucy rejects James Franco’s offer to meet up, and tells the actor how funny it will be when she shows off their conversation to all her friends. Franco quickly asks her not to, he says his goodbye and that if she ever wants to meet up to just text him. Lucy tells him that maybe when she turns 18 first. Below is the conversation that took place between Franco and Lucy.

James FrancoJames FrancoSome celebrities just do not seem to get the concept of how social media works, and how in today’s world whatever you send out is subject to be seen by the entire world, no matter how private. In fact, the more private and discreet the matter, the more it will get publicized. This is not the first and will certainly not be the last time we see a celebrity shame themselves on social media, in the end Lucy received the gift of being able to say she was able to reject James Franco, something most girls probably would not be able to do.

Opinion by: Miguel A. Tamayo





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