Jared Leto Secret for His Fit Physique [Video]


Jared Leto has emerged back into the limelight due to his Oscar award-winning role as a convincing transgender in Dallas Buyers Club. Leto has been focusing on his music career the last five years but was welcomed back into acting with open arms; fans loved his role as Rayon in Dallas Buyers Club and are once again focused on the talented man. Fans are not only raving about his pristine acting abilities; Leto’s physique before and after Rayon’s required skin-and-bones look is radiant, healthy and fit. Leto’s secret to his perfect, fit physique may be unexpected.

The Louisiana born actor and singer is not only passionate about his physique; he is also passionate about animals. Leto follows a strict vegan diet, meaning he does not eat any animal products; he also ensures that he gets plenty of rest and relaxation time for his physical and mental health. In order to properly portray an AIDS victim, Leto needed to lose an unhealthy amount of weight for his role as Rayon. The challenge continued when he needed to successfully gain the weight back after his role.

Leto lost over 40 lbs. to properly portray Rayon; he did this by fasting for a long period of time. Leto went from eating a plant-based, nutrient rich diet, to eating very little to no food at all. Leto then resumed eating his vegan diet and in no time returned to his famed pre-Rayon physique. Leto swears his fit physique is no secret, rather developed by his vegan diet, regular yoga workouts and plentiful rest.

Leto has been eating a vegetarian morphed into vegan diet for twenty years. He also does not drink alcohol, which according to many people is a huge commitment in itself. Leto is passionate about his lifestyle and has said it is the reason that he has stayed in excellent shape, mentally and physically, even though his work-life is often extreme. The talent is devoted to his fans who look up to him and his conscious lifestyle, so much so that he has allegedly asked a fan wanting to take a picture with him to snap it in a different location because he and the fan were in front of a meat-heavy food truck.

A vegan diet could be considered the key to exuberant youth. Leto is 42 years old, though he looks a decade younger. There are many interviews where Leto is interrogated for his choices to not eat dairy, in which he responds that he does not find milk from another mammal appealing due to the pus content of cows’ milk and other dairy products. Leto has never been afraid to express his true feelings in any given situation and his lifestyle choice is no exception.

In many music videos and trending photos Leto looks as though he spends hours at the gym, when in fact he ensures that his fat intake is low, his diet is on point and his rest sufficient. Leto is happy to share his secret for his perfectly fit physique with fans in order to help them make positive lifestyle choices.

By Courtney Heitter

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