Jeffrey Dahmer Childhood Home to Be Turned Into a Restaurant?

Jeffrey Dahmer Childhood Home to Be Turned Into a Restaurant?

PETA, which is an animal rights association, has brought up the idea that the childhood home of the late serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer located in Ohio should be turned into a vegan restaurant. It is up for sale at this time.

The house has three bedrooms and three baths and is located in Bath Township. It was recently listed on the real estate market at a price of $295,000. Dahmer and his parents moved into the home back in 1968 when he was eight years of age. It was ten years later when Dahmer committed his first killing.  In 1978, he slaughtered and then dismembered Steven Hicks, age 19, who was a hitchhiker, right inside the home. He then spread the young man’s remains all over the nearly two acre property. This was his first victim.

In 1982, Dahmer moved to Wisconsin and went on to butcher 16 more people before his brutal crimes were finally found out in 1991. He was ultimately convicted of the 16 murders and then sentenced to life in prison, where he was beaten to death by another inmate in 1994.

PETA stated on its website that they were always looking for ways to turn cruelty around, so when they had discovered that serial murderer‘s childhood home was up on the real estate market, they felt they had an opportunity to generate good from the darkness of evil. They added that instead of continuing to be a glaring reminder of its terrible past, the structure could instead become the location of a celebration of cooking goodness.

The organization recommended the house be turned into a vegan restaurant with the name Eat for Life—Home Cooking.

Yet because the house is located in a residential neighborhood, the township’s zoning administrator and inspector explained to the public that the home and yard are in a very poor area to be used for a restaurant. He explained that the building had well water and a septic system, and the wooded driveway would make any type of parking extremely difficult for a lot of automobiles at one time. He added that he thought PETA had a whole lot of obstacles to overcome before a restaurant would ever be able to be opened.

The real estate agent also had concerns about the zoning but stated he was more than willing to talk about a potential business deal with PETA. But he stated that he thought it was great if the animal rights group wanted to purchase the house and attempt to make a restaurant out of it.

He did admit that he was not positive if PETA was actually serious about what they were saying or if they were just trying to get some sort of publicity,but he added that he was going to treat what they said as a serious lead at this point in time.

The nearly 2,175 square foot, modern built home has been on and off the real estate market since 2012. The present owner, a professional musician, explained he purchased the home back in 2005 so he would have his own place to stay in when he came to the Akron area, but that now he no longer really had a reason to spend any time in the northern Ohio region. He stated that when he bought it, the fact that it had been the home of Jeffrey Dahmer meant nothing to him. He stated he had no interest or fascination with anything considered supernatural.

PETA wants to turn the late serial murderer Jeffrey Dahmer’s childhood home into a vegan restaurant. The house is up for sale at this time.

By Kimberly Ruble


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