Jenelle Evans Slammed Kieffer Delp, Called Him a N****r

Evans Delp Griffith Teen Mom 2 star, Jenelle Evans is back up to her old shenanigans. Earlier this month, her fiancé and baby’s daddy, Nathan Griffith was locked up in jail for two weeks. During that time, she should have been taking care of herself and preparing for the birth of her new baby, but that was not what happened. Instead, she busied herself by communicating on Facebook with her ex-boyfriend and bad boy, Kieffer Delp. However, she did not have too many good things to say; in fact, Jenelle Evans slammed Kieffer Delp and called him a n****r.

It is unclear why Evans bothered to communicate with Delp in the first place. They have had a turbulent past and he is the same ex-boyfriend that she has repeatedly accused of being responsible for getting her hooked on heroin. However, she cannot seem to let him go. According to sources, the whole conversation between Evans and Delp got started when she called his new girlfriend a w***e.

Just when it seemed like Evans had moved on from her checkered past and was trying to get her life together; it appears she may still carry a torch for Delp and be jealous of his new girlfriend. However, that does not make much sense because Evans has a new boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, she is pregnant with his child, and they are planning a wedding by the beach.

Following the comment about Delp’s new girlfriend, Jenelle Evans listed all the good things about Griffith and then slammed Kieffer Delp by calling him out, “I would not trade Griffith for a n****r like you.” Racial slurs continued to fly and just when it seemed these two could not get any more childish, Delp accused Griffith of talking steroids and made reference to that being the reason his wiener did not work.

Evans is pregnant and really does not need this type of drama right now, but then again, she is a drama queen and lives for this type of interaction. She finally admitted that her fiancé might not be as nice to her as Delp was but said he was still the best thing that had ever happened to her.

Then she continued to slam Delp throwing it up in his face that she would not take him back and he had threatened to kill himself over it. She even taunted him and encouraged him to go ahead and kill himself saying no one would care, not even his own mother.

As the conversation went on Delp told Evans she should leave Griffith. She told him she was going to stay with Griffith but only because she was having his baby. She explained saying she did not want to be alone like she was when she had her first child, Jace. She wants to do things right this time but admits she battles over the situation every day.

It sounds like being pregnant is the only thing keeping Evans with Griffith, and if she were not having his baby, she would probably run back to Delp. She told Delp she was sorry for hurting him, for being so mean to him, and wished that Griffith treated her as good as he had.

Evans went back and forth – one minute she said Griffith was the best thing that ever happened to her and the next she claimed to be with him only because she was pregnant with his child. One minute she was slamming Delp, calling him names, and encouraging him to kill himself and the next she was apologizing for hurting him and being mean to him. This girl needs therapy!

In the end, even though Jenelle Evans slammed her ex-boyfriend Kieffer Delp and called him a n****r, it appears that she may still has feelings for him. However, a source close to Evans said that is not the case and that she regretted the conversation shortly after it was over. The source went on to say that, Evans came clean with Griffith about talking to Delp and even let him read all the messages. Griffith supposedly told her not to let it happen again. It will be interesting to see what Evans does next.

Opinion By Donna W. Martin


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