Jennette McCurdy: Unfair Compensation Reason for No Show at KCA

Jennette McCurdy: Unfair Compensation Reason for No Show at KCA

Jennette McCurdy has said that the real reason she wasn’t at the Kids Choice Awards (KCA) wasn’t because of the semi-nude selfies that got leaked, but because she’s in contractual talks with Nickelodeon because she is being unfairly compensated for her work as a star of the hit series Sam & Cat. Representatives at Nickelodeon, the producers of the TV series Sam & Cat, which she stars in along with Ariana Grande, agree with her that there are other reasons behind why production hasn’t begun on a second season yet.

Ariana Grande, 20, is reportedly earning substantially more money per episode than Jennette McCurdy, 21, despite the fact that her being in the series is why it was created at all — as a spin-off to iCarly. She plays the same character, Sam, that she did in iCarly, though she’s now the lead actress (or one of them) of her own series.

Ariana Grande has proven her acting talents are nothing to sneeze at, but her popularity likely stems more from her musical career. Whatever the actual reason is that she’s reportedly earning more money starring in Sam & Cat than Jennette McCurdy, McCurdy is understandably peeved that she is, at the least, not earning as much as her co-star.

Unfortunately, the controversy surrounding the posting of her semi-nude selfies by someone who is “leaking” them has cause some people to think that is the reason behind Nickelodeon’s slowness at beginning production on a second season. There are rumors, even, that Nickelodeon plans to cancel Sam & Cat.

Unfair compensation the real reason behind Jennette McCurdy not being at the KCA show

Though the timing is definitely bad for news about the semi-nude selfies, and the photos themselves, to be leaked, unfair compensation is allegedly the real reason why Nickelodeon has not begun production on a second season of Sam & Cat.

Sam & Cat is the studio’s biggest hit, currently, and it won the KCA¬†for being the fans’ Favorite TV Show. While Jennette McCurdy likely does not begrudge Grande’s success, it must have been somewhat of a blow to her when Grande won the KCA for Favorite TV Actress.

Until the contractual dispute gets resolved, it appears as if the future of Sam & Cat is in limbo, though as the show is such a popular one, it’s difficult to believe that Nickelodeon would decide to cancel it.

Sam & Cat had received an order for 40 more episodes, though the series is under a production hiatus for now. Although there have been some reports that Jennette McCurdy has been fighting with her co-star, Ariana Grande, the two co-stars have mutual respect for each other.

Jennette McCurdy raised the possibility that a selfie of her wearing a bra and a thong was leaked by an NBA star she dated in 2013, Andre Drummond. Drummond has denied that he was involved in the leaking of the selfie.

Fans of Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande, and their TV series Sam & Cat are anxiously hoping that the disagreement over how much McCurdy is compensated will be resolved soon, so that they can watch more episodes of their favorite show. The leaked selfie of Jennette McCurdy was unfortunate, but it is reportedly not the real reason why Nickelodeon has temporarily halted production of the hit series.

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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