Jennifer Lawrence Engaged?

Jennifer Lawrence

Speculation is rife that Hollywood’s latest darling, Jennifer Lawrence, is engaged to her British boyfriend of three years, Nicholas Hoult. The starlet was spotted with a very noticeable turquoise ring on her engagement finger, first when having a drink with Hoult at an Italian restaurant in London and then later that evening while the X-Men co-stars were out for dinner with the designer Tom Ford. The Hunger Games actress has been in an on/off relationship with Hoult since 2011, after first hooking up on the set of the X-Men: First Class film. It was rather fitting then that after a brief break their romantic reconciliation occurred when they were once again working on the X-Men franchise as they started filming for X-Men: Days of Future Past at the beginning of 2014. Although nothing has been officially confirmed, it seems unlikely that the actress would not be aware of the impression wearing such a prominent ring on her significant finger would have on the press.

The photographs in question were taken outside the fancy London Firehouse Club. Although they both work in Hollywood, Lawrence has previously attested to her love of her boyfriend’s homeland of England. She has stated she prefers the more relaxed attitude towards appearances which is evident in Britain as well as their national dish of fish and chips, as well as having a fondness for British high street clothes stores such as TopShop. Whether this affection for the UK will translate into a permanent move across the pond is still a questionable possibility. There were reports that she and Hoult were actively looking for a house in England and that they may even have found their dream home, however they knew that it would not make sense at this stage in their acting careers to live mainly in the UK. So any real estate they might purchase would probably serve merely as their base for whenever the two are visiting the country. However with these recent speculations about Lawrence being engaged, there are now questions about whether a potential love nest could be one more sign of their commitment to each other and possibly their first marital home?

This is not the first time that whispers of upcoming nuptials have circled about the pair. In November of last year there were rumors that Hoult had proposed and Lawrence had her heart set on a wedding in the capital of the Czech republic, Prague. The same whispers also speculated that if any wedding was in the works it would likely be low key and certainly not publicly announced to the press; perhaps eloping could even be on the cards for the future? The couple are fairly private about their personal affairs and do not court the limelight so it is unsurprising they would probably prefer minimal wedding celebration if the rumors are indeed true and Hoult is responsible for the mysterious ring on the actress’s finger. It is also unsurprising though that neither party have commented, to either deny or confirm, the possibility that Lawrence and Hoult are engaged. So despite the many ups and downs of their relationship, it now looks like the two are firmly back on track and stronger than ever, whether marriage is really on the cards though is still very difficult to tell – these two certainly like to keep the media guessing!

Commentary by Rhona Scullion


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