Jerusalem: Now in a Movie


JerusalemJerusalem, the city of history and early life stages, is now known to also be the star in an interesting movie project by National Geographic. The old city of Jerusalem has been considered as a visually 3D IMAX film that brings a new kind of image and attention to the world. The movie Jerusalem by National Geographic is very different from a typical Hollywood movie. The Jerusalem movie has several short films that have already played in museums and science centers.

National Geographic Cinema Ventures distributed the movie Jerusalem few months ago. Produced by Cosmic Picture and Arcane Pictures, the movie breaks ground from various stories considered to be educational narratives about nature’s beauty, animals and science. Several distributors from National Geographic say that the movie has had a successful outcome for the first six months after its release.

The movie started playing in theaters in last September. It first opened in Washington and New York City with great success in both cities. Due to the movie’s successfulness, it later played in other cities around the country such as Lubbock, Boston, Seattle, Charlotte, and Columbus. The movie was so popular in the United States, it was shown in Europe, starting in London and Paris.

The Jerusalem movie is powerful taking viewers to the one and only city of the three main religions in the world – Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Its also showcases all the beautiful and historic sites of Jerusalem, as well as enhancing the feel of the 3D IMAX format. In the movie, it is obvious that the filling camera is meant to follow the beautifully labyrinthine city streets. It highlights the stunning details of the gleaming Dome of the Rock, the sacred site for Muslims, the embellished stones of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the sacred place for Christians as where Jesus was buried, and the Western Wall which is respected by Jews all over the world as the only remaining wall of the temple that was destroyed in A.D. 70 by the Romans.

The Jerusalem movie presents the city of Jerusalem through the eyes of three local young women. Each one of the actresses comes from a different religion and background, and views the old walled city entirely different. Divided into religious sectors, each sector is a home to people who are living side-by-side, but do not connect in real life.

National Geographic did come up with a brilliant idea by creating such a movie. Jerusalem attracts people from all over the world and many of them cannot reach its Holy Land. National Geographic did work hard in order to produce a way to show viewers what Jerusalem really looks like. With the use of the 3D IMAX format, as well as the experience of everyday life in the gorgeous city of Jerusalem, National Geographic has accomplished its task by simply making viewers truly feel as if they are in Jerusalem just by the sense of the “Now” experience in the movie.

By Georgina Abboud


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