Jessica Simpson Stuns With Sexy New Body


Just when all the haters thought it safe to declare her a dead celebrity, Jessica Simpson is back and more bodacious than ever. With a new body thanks to Weight Watchers, two darling children, her own fashion line, and upcoming nuptials to new fiance Eric Johnson, her undulating career (and figure) has never been more on the up. Spotted in Calabasas, California recently, Jessica Simpson stunned the paparazzi with a form-fitting black ensemble that supremely showcased her sexy new body. With another sure to be glorious wedding on the way, it could not be a better time for the ditsy diva to regain her public stature and reclaim her place in the fickle limelight.

In a recent interview, Simpson described her battle (and loss) with the bulge as a result of carrying her second beloved child, daughter Maxwell, to term back in 2012. The petrifying postpartum numbers on the scale indicated she had a long and arduous road ahead of her to recapture the fabulous figure that had so salaciously turned heads onscreen in productions like The Dukes of Hazard. While Simpson in no way condemns herself for gaining weight during pregnancy, acknowledging that carrying a child is serious work that requires lots of pancakes and ice cream, she knew that once the baby came her work would only be just beginning.

With no comment on whether the publicized tribulations of Simpson’s several past romances were also a factor in her historically fluctuating figure, the former pop princess seems to be looking straight ahead. Spotted on Saturday looking slender and splendid at a family dinner, Jessica Simpson appeared simply stunning with her sexy new body. Skillfully styled with straight hair, a sheer black top, skinny black jeans, bejeweled sandals, chunky gold accessories, and red lipstick, Simpson was both ravishing and svelte in a seductive look unusual for the Southern gal. With her new Weight Watchers body in tow, it will surely be the first of many appearances for the newly invigorated star.

Now that the baby weight has been shed, the latest hubby almost locked down, and her business ventures booming, is Simpson’s work concluded? Absolutely not. Simpson knows what will happen if she slips again from the grace of diligence, and the she also knows the world will be watching. Losing the weight is only the first step in a lifelong goal of keeping it off, and she plans on committing for the long haul. Whether she will stay on as the new Weight Watchers success story has yet to be determined, but for now her latest stint in the public eye is glowing big and bright.

Observant of her overwhelming work load at present moment, many look on anxiously to await the final results of Simpson’s journey. With two kids, her own successful business, and a wedding to plan, the star certainly has a lot on her plate right now, none of which includes fatty food it would seem. Even with such an abundance of endeavors to juggle, however, Jessica Simpson is thriving more prolifically than ever, and with her sexy new body is a stunning result of┬ámultitasking magic. This star refuses to burn out and most do not seem to mind.

By Brandon Duringer



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