Jim Moran Thinks Members of Congress Need a Raise

moranApparently, Rep. Jim Moran, D-VA, thinks that a six-figure salary qualifies members of Congress as being underpaid. The Virginia congressman said in an interview on Thursday that those who work in Congress do not make enough money, and that despite the fact Americans feel their representatives and senators underperform, they are basically the board of directors for the world’s largest economic entity. In other words, despite doing a terrible job, members of Congress deserve a raise just because of the position they hold in the government.

The current yearly salary for members of Congress is sitting at $174,000, which is far above the national average, which is closer to the $51,000 range. Moran goes on to say that he has seen many of his colleagues camping out in their office over night while Congress is in session in an attempt to save money, rather than buying a second home. One has to wonder just how far out of touch with reality Moran really is if not being able to purchase a second home is considered an economic hardship. This is especially true when the majority of individuals in America are struggling to make payments for one home.

Rep. Jim Moran went on in his interview to state that the pay for members of Congress has already been frozen for three years and getting ready to go into a fourth one, which he says prohibits members from living decently in D.C. Moran is not going to sit idly by while this miscarriage of justice continues on, stating he is taking action by introducing an amendment to fix the issue so Congress can get paid.

While Jim Moran thinks Congress needs a raise, he will be hard pressed to find many Americans who would agree with him. The approval ratings for Congress are at an all time low. The average citizen is struggling to find work, pay the mortgage, and purchase their new Obamacare insurance plans on salaries that are roughly $123,000 less than what Congress currently earns yearly. It appears that Moran is thinking out loud the thoughts that most politicians keep under lock and key in the recesses of their minds. Career politicians are not in politics to secure the nation’s freedom and protect the rights of citizens, they are in it for the power and the money.

Perhaps justifying a raise would be slightly different if politicians were actually performing their duties. However, public service was never supposed to be a permanent occupation. History tells us that many of the Founding Fathers, like George Washington, served the public simply because of a love of country and freedom. George Washington, the nation’s first president, decided to forego his constitutionally granted salary. Men like this are a rare breed, and this fact is proven every day by examining the actions taken by Congress on a daily basis.

Rep. Moran is way off base in thinking that Congress needs a raise. In all honesty, most people would say that politicians make far too much money as it is. Many go in making normal salaries and come out millionaires. A strange occurrence if members of Congress are so strapped for cash. Politicians should be satisfied with the money they currently get instead of wanting to put more burdens on the back of the taxpayers, especially since they are the ones who pay the salaries in the first place. Raises should not be given just because of a person’s position. They should be earned by hard work that produces results which makes life better for everyone in the country. Until this dream becomes a reality, the pay for Congress should remain frozen.

Opinion by Michael Cantrell

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2 Responses to "Jim Moran Thinks Members of Congress Need a Raise"

  1. DPS   April 8, 2014 at 6:48 am

    I’m all for raises based on job performance. Lots of us have difficult jobs and struggle to make-ends meet. If this fool gets re-elected I lose all faith in Virginians.

  2. Tonya   April 4, 2014 at 8:44 pm

    Go Michael you said it let him live on my salery for a month.

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