Julius Malema and His Lavish Lifestyle


Defending his lavish lifestyle,  Julius Malema said he would not be able to stimulate the poor if he lived in a shack. The EFF party does not want people to stay in shacks, and that is the reason why the EFF top leaders do not. Julius Malema continues to make his mark upon communities while attending rallies ahead of the May 2014 election.

He said the party leaders do not have to stay in a township in order to liberate the people. Julius Malema said he knows the people want to get out of their poverty-driven lives and experience a better qualityof life. He said people do not want others to join their pitiful living conditions while they themselves are trying to get out. “That is stupidity,” said Malema.

Criticized for his lavish lifestyle while still claiming to be the voice of the poor, he stood on the back of a truck delivering a speech to the masses in his expensive Louis Vuitton shoes which, according to retailers, cost about ZAR 7,000 a pair. Malema will never change. Malema, during his ANC days, was well-known for his grandeur and love of expensive designer clothes, cars and watches.

According to Malema, it is not the clothes you wear that reflect the commitment to the poor. That commitment comes from the heart, according to Malema. The EFF is committed to helping the poor. Malema continues to spell out the opportunities his EFF party will be able to deliver to all South Africans. His greatest promise is the land distribution policy the EFF has that will give land to all. Another indication of how humble Julius Malema appears to be is in the promise of better education, service deliveries and building a strong economic framework within the country for all to enjoy.

His lavish lifestyle does not turn the critics away. In fact, there is the belief that his lifestyle is an indication of how he will govern people. Government would be given the largest piece of the pie and the crumbs divided between the poor. His example of humbleness fails to inspire and perhaps Malema should follow the example of Ghandi. Ghandi, a champion of the poor, conducted himself in a humble manner and inspired millions. Malema conducting his campaign in designer clothes is another way of showing the public his disrespect for the poor.

Malema, according to Patriotic Alliance Leader Dayton McKenzie, is a hypocrite preying on the destitute for his own political gain. Malema does not display revolutionary attributes while living a lavish lifestyle, McKenzie said. He said both Malema and himself are not revolutionaries, while both live a lifestyle of luxury and wear watches on their arms worth more money than an typical miner would ever hold in his hand.

Julius Malema continues his electioneering ahead of the May 2014 elections with an undertaking of achieving a solid support structure. Attacks on his character by McKenzie have been shrugged off by Julius Malema. His lavish lifestyle raises awareness from other political contenders campaigning for the same prize.

By Laura Oneale

News 24
The New Age

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