‘Love Never Felt So Good,’ Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake New Single

Michael Jackson

Love Never Felt So Good, featuring Justin Timberlake, the single off the newest Michael Jackson album, Xscape is available everywhere.

Producer and record executive, L.A. Reid introduced the brand new single at the iHeartRadio Music Awards, Thursday. Simply stating that when he heard the raw version of the single, he was instantly reminded of just why Michael Jackson is the greatest. Helping with the debut, Usher took to the stage, emerging from behind a group of dancers and begin a choreographed routine mirroring some of Jackson’s iconic moves.

Justin Timberlake also went on Twitter and Instagram informing fans that he was a part of the new single before the award show aired, so many were surprised when Usher took to the stage and not him, but was not disappointed.

The album is scheduled for release May 13, 2014, but fans can pre-order their copy today on iTunes, Wal-Mart.com, Target.com, and Amazon. Fans can also get a copy of the new single Love Never Felt So Good, which is available on iTunes in the Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake version and on Amazon with the new and original versions.

The album consists of eight originally recorded songs, all created  between 1983 and 1999. Love Never Felt So Good was written, recorded and produced by Michael Jackson, with Paul Anka and Kathy Wakefield, and was first recorded in 1984 by Johnny Mathis for his album, A Special Part Of Me.

For the 2014 reimagined versions of all eight tracks, L.A. Reid, executive producer on the project enlisted the help of producer, Timbaland, along with Rodney Jerkins, a songwriter and record producer and Stargate, the Norwegian songwriting, producing duo, Erik Hermansen and Mikkel Storleer, to put a fresh spin on the King of Pop old classic style.

In the original version of Love Never Felt So Good, fans get a taste of classic Michael Jackson, catchy lyrics over a smooth 80’s tempo, a refreshing reminder to great music.

Whereas, in the version featuring Justin Timberlake, producers sped up the beat a bit, giving it a little more of a dance vibe, while allowing for Jackson and Timberlake voices merge beautifully to the captivating lyrics making the song a instant hit.

The Jackson’s estate signed a long-term deal with Columbia Epic Records, a subsidiary of Sony and Michael Jackson’s label for 30 years, to later release recordings from the enormous archives of his work. They granted L.A. Reid unlimited access to the treasures spanning over four decades of vocally completed material, leaving the possibility of more Jackson albums to come.

The end result is Xscape, a new twist on an old classic and the resurrection of the King of Pop, with the help of some of the industries best, including Justin Timberlake. With 17 tracks waiting to be release to the hoards of Michael Jackson fans. The vault is finally open and true Michael Jackson fans everywhere would love to hear more, but for now the new single, Love Never Felt So Good, with Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson will have to do for the moment, and be hopefully be the sign of a new reign for the King of Pop.

By Virginia Snowden


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