Julius Malema Committed to Diverse Transformation

Julius Malema South Africa

Julius Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Front (EFF) party, is committed to implementing some diverse transformation within South Africa should he win the 2014 election. This week the dynamic leader said his policy is not aggressive toward cannabis and would consider legalizing.

Malema was interacting on a social network and responded to various questions including his views on crime, homosexuality, E-tolls, land issues, and his unique bond with Floyd Shivambu. E-Tolls, he said, would instantly become redundant. His response to fighting crime would be to empower, inform the existing police officers, and focus on criminals.

Julius Malema is rarely seen without his faithful friend Shivambu and networkers wanted to know the secret behind the friendship. He said both had met during the struggle years and have formed a strong bond with each other.

A participant stated that gay and lesbian people should not be allowed in South Africa. Julius Malema did not agree with the comment and said, “All people should have the right to choose how they want to live their lives.”

While interacting online, some people expressed their dissatisfaction toward Jacob Zuma for selling out the land and wanted to know if they could revolt against him. Malema said he would allow a peaceful revolt.

During a second Cape Town online interaction, Malema said the expectations his party have in the May 2014 election is to obtain a fifty percent victory. According to Malema, the EFF would easily win the majority of all provinces in the provincial elections.

After his expulsion from the African National Congress (ANC) as the president of the youth league Malema appealed the decision and was asked why he did so. He thought he could implement change from within the party.

Land reform policies were raised, and Malema said there was no change to the party’s plan to nationalize land. He wants the government to be the custodian of the land and all people of South African irrespective of race must register to use the land. Malema also committed to supplying people with the necessary resources and skills to achieve successful production of land.

Julius Malema is adamant about the affirmative action policies and would extend the quest to empower his people. The tender procurement is not favored by Malema and his party; they would move to implement a ‘state capacity’ to replace the current procedure.

According to Malema, the most pressing problem in the Gauteng region remained the informal settlements. His party would implement a plan to dismantle all the squatter camps. No mention of replacing housing was made.

Malema said his party was concerned about his people, and last on his priority list was Rhino poaching. Sad news indeed for the endangered Black Rhino and the almost white rhinoceros facing extinction.

Malema avoided answering questions regarding his personal life and would not indulge the public about his children, girlfriends or plans for marriage.

A joyful and entertaining Julius Malema has plans to transform policies and implement diverse ones when elected to government. With over 400,000 registered members and still counting the EFF could make a significant impact in the South African elections.

By Laura Oneale

News 24

4 Responses to "Julius Malema Committed to Diverse Transformation"

  1. Jan Meyntjes   April 21, 2014 at 11:58 pm

    Joshua are you suggesting that White Farmers are killing White Farmers??

  2. joshua   April 21, 2014 at 11:53 pm

    What we have seen recently is murder committed by whites against whites for reasons ranging from family revenge, drug related murderers, common murder, jealous spouses and partners, farm killings etc.

  3. Nat Turner   April 21, 2014 at 1:14 am

    To the end of March 70 White folk had been murdered,
    according to Boer genocide farmitracker,
    compare this with a national murder rate said to be 50 murders a day,
    which means that in the same period of time
    there have been 4500 murders in Azania – S.A.
    Those who are trying to mislead the public and the world at large that there is a campaign of genocide against White people here do a great disservice to the country with their lies.
    Were White people to be getting murdered according to their percentage of the population then some 450 would be dead already and not 70.
    The hope of galvanizing world opinion and scaring the White community into demanding a separate state cut our from our land is futile,
    I ask that these hurtful rumors be stopped and that those spreading them start spending their energies in building up the country instead of trying to rip it apart.
    The election next month will reaffirm once again that
    Black African rule is a reality here to stay,
    all those intending to stay here should get used to that fact and
    help make the country a much better place to live for all

  4. Jan Meyntjes   April 20, 2014 at 1:59 pm

    When you see him the next time, ask him what plans does he have in place to stop the Killing of White People in South Africa???


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