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Julius Malema South Africa

Julius Malema remained composed while replying to an open letter published through the media this week. Malema said politics are like a boxing match, the politicians were the boxers, and punches would be thrown all around. In response to the letter by the Patriotic Alliance leader Gayton McKenzie, he declined to comment on the contents, and said he is not bothered about this. Malema expects the situation to worsen as Election Day approaches.

He said the letter did not justify his attention. McKenzie wrote a scathing letter to Malema and said he was the biggest thief he had met. McKenzie in his letter to Malema said South Africa had only two types of Politicians, usually ex prison convicts and others waiting to go to prison. According to McKenzie, Malema was of the latter.

McKenzie said he might be an ex-thief and described Malema as a present-time thief and said he should not call all the white people in the country thieves. Malema he said had intentions of bankrupting the country.

During November 2013 Gayton McKenzie and Kenny Kunene formed a new political party, The Patriotic Alliance (PA). McKenzie once imprisoned for bank theft and since his release from prison is a motivational speaker and author. Kunene a socialite who was previously arrested and convicted for fraud is the co founding member of the PA.

The PA parties is contesting in both regional and general elections on May 7 and remain adamant their party is the most practical choice of good governance for voters to consider. The ruling party African National Congress (ANC) and the opposition party Democratic Alliance (DA) have rejected the claim by the founders of the PA party. According to the ANC ruling party and DA smaller parties have in the past disappeared from the political arena and the PA would follow that route. The colored community in the Western Cape forms the bulk of the PA support structure.

McKenzie met Kunene in prison more than a decade ago and has worked together since 2006. Previously both were both aligned to Malema’s Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party and split up last year to start their own party.

McKenzie did not hold back on the insults and called Julius Malema a false prophet. In the open letter, he said he was not afraid of Malema, rather afraid of what will happen to South Africa if he gained enough support in the upcoming election.

Malema, according to a report, was disappointed with the letter written by McKenzie and said African brothers should stick together, despite differences. He then said if McKenzie found solace in writing the letter then he wishes him good luck.

From one alleged criminal to another, writing a letter about politics is something many feel could only happen in South Africa. Julius Malema is composed and has portrayed a restrained position in response to the scathing remarks. Malema said it is a boxing match and punches will fly. It is certainly happening as the campaign heats up over the next week until the final election date on May 7. It was reported that McKenzie’s partner Kunene wrote a similar letter to President Jacob Zuma recently.

Julius Malema is yet to respond in detail to the open letter by McKenzie, and while he remains composed over the malicious remarks, the electioneering continues across the land. Today Malema is in Durban, Kwazulu Natal to give another profound speech to the masses cheering him on.

By Laura Oneale





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