George Clooney Caught by Anne Hathaway Lookalike

George Clooney Caught by Anne Hathaway Lookalike
It doesn’t seem to be that obvious to anyone else yet, but, it appears that George Clooney has been caught by an Anne Hathaway lookalike. It is being reported that Clooney is engaged to 36 year-old English solicitor, that’s lawyer in the U.S., Amal Alamuddin. Amal is an Oxford graduate and while no one knows when the 52 year-old star popped the question, Alamuddin was showing the ring off in Mexico.

Clooney and Alamuddin were later seen in a Malibu hangout club, Nobu. There, Amal was showing off the ring to George’s pals Cindy Crawford and her husband, Rande Gerber. According to witnesses who observed the two couples celebrating together, Alamuddin had a huge rock on her finger.

According to a source close to the couple, they do not appear to have a date or a venue picked out yet. When Clooney’s rep was approached for any information on the two celebrity’s engagement, the rep replied that they do not give out information about their clients’ personal lives.

According to sources, Clooney is very pleased to have found this career driven lady who has no desires to be in show business or in front of a camera. The ring on Amal’s finger has been described as “huge.” Friends of the couple say that they believe that George popped the big question on their recent vacation in glamorous Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

George Clooney looks to have been snared by an English Anne Hathaway lookalike. While the world’s press have been pointing out the obvious, that the couple are engaged, no one has taken the time to point out that Amal could be Hathaway’s twin.

The pairing up of the two could seem almost serendipitous in nature since George played Batman in the 1997 stinker, Batman & Robin. Fast forward 15 years and Hathaway played Selina in The Dark Knight Rises. Of course, Alamuddin is not the Les Miserables actress, despite looking enough like her to work as Hathaway’s double.

Luckily for both Clooney and Alma, looking like Hathaway is as close as the solicitor gets to the acting world, that and her engagement to Clooney. Sources say that the fact she is not part of the business proves to be a big plus for George.

Of course, Clooney was married once before, he and Talia Blossom tied the knot in 1989. After four years the two separated and George still claims that the split was partially his fault.

The Gravity star has been in relationships over the years and apart from Blossom, no one else has managed to hold the star down. The debonair actor has dated some of the world’s most beautiful women and apart from another two year relationship with model Stacy Keibler, he has not gotten this close to a “long-term” relationship.

It is funny that George Clooney is engaged to a professional woman who looks like Anne Hathaway, who isn’t in the business. At first glance it feels like the film star has gotten the best of both worlds. Congratulations Alma and George.


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