Julius Malema With Kim Heller and the Afrikaners


Julius Malema, the leader of the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), has faith in the Afrikaans people, according to his spokesperson, Kim Heller. Afrikaners ,according to Julius Malema, believe in the EFF policies, especially economic freedom. “All South Africans want economic freedom and remain interested in the democracy of the country,” said Heller.

Heller, formerly a staunch supporter of the African National Congress (ANC), has now joined the new EFF party. She believes the EFF is a real alternative and said the party is seeing a substantial increase in support from white supporters.

Heller is on the EFF party’s national and Gauteng list, and is campaigning for the EFF party. Malema called on white people to join his EFF party and have their share of the land. He wants the white people to join the struggle for land and said there were only two percent of whites who owned land in S.A. He stated that his party is not anti-white, but a party committed to the working class of all race groups.

The new call for white people, especially farmers, is a decidedly different story from the picture he described last year. Last year ,Malema said the land in South Africa belonged to the landless and the whites were reluctant to give back the land which they owned through theft. He said white people show no remorse for the killing of blacks and wanted the majority to bow down to them. Malema said they would never do that and would not beg for the land. Afrikaans farmers, according to Malema’s party, have nowhere to go and only one passport.

Publicity stunt or not ,Malema and his party continue to cast their idea of a perfect South Africa under their political manifesto, without taking into account that the land reform issue is a serious problem and procedures will have to be followed for a peaceful transition. Land grab is a no-no that Malema should make clear to the farmers of the country before any commitment to his party,the EFF. True commitment is still ongoing, and although Heller is using this time before the May 2014 election to boost the EFF policies, there is still a stigma attached to Malema due to his colorful past.

According to public comments, South Africa has a large number of people who are not accountable for their actions and instead blame politics for their miserable life situation. The politicians in turn blame the Western powers and do not accept responsibility for their actions. South Africa needs to find an enigmatic leader to inspire and deliver on election promises. Malema ,according to most ,will not be the best leader and could turn the once thriving South Africa into another failed African state.

The Afrikaans people are fiercely protective of their human rights, including their bruised past. The songs and racial slurs against the white people uttered by Malema in the past have caused a division of trust. Heller and Malema continue to move through the country in an attempt to gain support for the upcoming election.

By Laura Oneale




City Press

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