Justin Bieber Ahead on Last Fan Standing Contest

Justin Beiber

Fans are out in force to keep Justin Bieber ahead in the race to get to the top rank of having the most powerful fan club, in the Last Fan Standing contest. #4musicLFSBeliebers is trending high on Twitter with no signs of stopping. Each tweet and re-tweet of the hashtag is another vote for the pop icon’s fan club.  These fans are not just voting, they are pouring out their hearts to the star and other fans, by tweeting their favorite pictures and the reasons why Bieber is an inspiration to them. Pretty powerful stuff, and then of course there are about a million girls professing their undying love under this hashtag also. No matter what they have to say, every vote counts.

Justin Bieber

A lot of people believe that they are doing this to make the superstar proud of his fans, and are proclaiming loud and clear who they think is the best. It leaves one wondering if the stars even know about this contest, and if they do, are they proud? The post to the right shows Bieber’s fans clearly ahead on the Last Fan Standing contest, followed by The Navy and Directioners. This was posted on Saturday afternoon, and the voting goes on for two and a half weeks yet. It is anyone’s game at this point, and Rhianna fans are close on the “Beliebers” heels.

Voting for a favorite pop icon can be done one of two ways. The first way is to go to 4music.com/LFS and cast a vote for one of the pop stars (see photo), simply click to vote. A public Twitter account is also a way to cast a vote, simply tweet #4musicLFS and then add the name of the fan group, i.e. “Beliebers.” Winners will be featured on Tweet to Beat programs that will be broadcast on 4Music from April 26, through May 18, 2014. Two fan groups will be featured on each show, and this honor is what everyone is fighting for.

Voting closes on May 18, 2014, and they are very particular with the counting of votes. Each tweet with the hash tag in it will be counted as one vote, if your tweet has the hash tag in it multiple times, it will be counted as one vote. Re-tweets are counted as one vote. In the event of a tie there will be a live Tweet to Beat battle at the end of the results show. The results show will be aired on May 26, 2014. The fans are the ones that buy the music, and put the “Super” in Superstar, and this is a fun way for music enthusiasts to show their alliance with the person they identify with the most.  So whether its “Beliebers” at the top or not, the contest has brought hundreds of thousands of fans together. The votes are pouring in for Justin Bieber putting him ahead of the crowd on the Last Fan Standing contest so far. They will back him up no matter what, tweeting pictures of him from China and pictures of themselves in “I love Belieber” shirts.

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