Justin Bieber is Crushing New York City

Justin Bieber New York City

This past week Justin Bieber has been crushing it in New York City. Seriously, the kid is all over the place. On Monday, the pop star sensation took new “friends” Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin out to an upscale sushi dinner, which is only made slightly more interesting because of the prickly current which has recently caused upheaval between his old-flame Selena Gomez, himself, and the Jenner sisters. There has been a big rift in all of their relationships with the grown-up Disney star, and it in light of this casual and friendly sushi dinner, it seems as if Selena may be the one left in the dust. Could this be categorized as a Gomez diss?

The Bieber trio dinner lasted nearly two hours as they happily sipped their miso soup and nibbled on sushi rolls. Baby singer got up and left the table first, leaving the lovely ladies with the bill. Just kidding. It was never reported who actually paid the bill, but Baldwin, daughter of Stephen Baldwin and niece to Alec, and Jenner left shortly after. According to many gossip-hungry minds, the dinner has been interpreted as evidence of Bieber and Jenner striking up a romance, but specifics of that development are not yet conclusive.

Perhaps the dinner was Bieber’s way of trying to soak up the positivity he says he was aching to find in NYC. Monday the young man wrote he was feeling creative and happy, and was eager for all the great things on the way, adding “Some will hate…more will want to love. Letting the love in. Ignoring the hate. Keep it positive!”

Gomez recently tweeted similarly endearing messages of positivity. She claimed she was only going to surround herself with positive people and only think positive thoughts. Could the two simultaneously be tutored by the same life coach?

During Bieber’s supposed time of reflection and positive soul-searching, his fans have certainly responded enthusiastically. Tuesday the Boyfriend singer put up photos of himself popping up out of the sunroof of a car, fedora-adorned, making himself widely available to a crowd of NYC girls crushing all over the sight of the once-upon-a-time Internet discovery. “Love NYC,” he Instagrammed, “love #mybeliebers.”

Another moment in Bieber’s NYC series, and maybe the most revealing, is a bittersweet selfie of the entertainer standing on top of a rocky outcropping in Central Park, throwing up what appears to be a “west-side” symbol–or perhaps he is trying to draw attention to his wedding ring finger. The 20-year-old tagged the photo as being taken in the place where he planned on proposing to his future wife. “Sometimes things change,” the sullen boy laments. It is unclear in the photo if Bieber is speaking of Gomez or some other lost love.

The sentimental Bieber is wearing a white short-sleeve hoodie, white sneakers, and a white bandana tucked into his trousers, which may or may not have been some kind of peculiar statement. Nonetheless, according to information shared along with the photo, the entertainer seems to have moved on from the previous sentiment, adding that next time around, he will definitely think of something “more romantic.”

New York City seems to perhaps be doing two things at once:  reviving Justin Bieber’s heart and crushing it at the same time all over again.

Opinion by Stacy Feder

US Weekly
Daily Mail

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