Justin Bieber is the Eggman

Justin Bieber is the Eggman
Justin Bieber is the Eggman, coo coo ca choo! The pop star is once again at the center of a police investigation, possibly a mischievous act gone wrong, this time related to the egging of a neighbor’s house and causing $20,000 in damages, according to a recent report by MTV.com.

It’s been almost four months since the alleged egg-throwing incident took place on January 9 in Calabasas, California. Further details keep emerging, including information in a police affidavit given by Detective Ginni Alvarez that, according to E! News, provided the police with sufficient justification to conduct a search of Justin Bieber’s home in an effort to obtain further evidence.

Detective Alvarez mentions in the affidavit that she saw more people than just Justin Bieber, 20, running from the direction of the “victim Shwartz’ residence” on the night of the egging. According to her affidavit, “Several other males” were involved, and she saw them as they “emerged from Suspect Bieber’s garage door and a black SUV.”

The detective added that she saw Justin Bieber “and his friends run back toward Schwartz’s home.” While Detective Alvarez didn’t actually see Bieber and his cohorts actually egging the Schwartz house, she did see them returning to Bieber’s driveway and appearing to be “rather jovial.” She also stated that she saw Bieber “high fiving” some of the other males.

Reportedly, Mr. Schwartz and his daughter, Jessica, were at home when the alleged egging of his house took place. They went out onto the house’s second floor balcony, and Schwartz reportedly got into a verbal argument with Justin Bieber.

When Detective Alvarez asked them to describe the clothing that Justin Bieber wore the night of January 9, Jessica provided a description and said that Bieber was wearing the same clothing he had on “in the Instagram photo” the pop star had posted on that date.

When the police later searched the house of Justin Bieber, they reportedly found and confiscated drugs, including pills. Lil Za, a friend of Bieber’s, was taken into custody by the police for possessing drugs, but the Biebster wasn’t charged. Detective Alvarez was one of the police officers who took part in the search of Justin Bieber’s house on January 14.

As a part of the police investigation, Detective Alvarez requested and got a search warrant to look at and take into evidence any potentially incriminating photographic evidence Bieber has posted to his Instagram account, to check if what he was wearing on January 9 in his Instagram photos matched surveillance footage taken by cameras at the Schwartz residence.

There has not been any mention of if the Instagram photos included any of Justin Bieber throwing eggs at the Schwartz residence. On January 9, Bieber was allegedly wearing a white sweatshirt and a baseball cap.

Prosecutors have not yet decided if the evidence is sufficient enough to pursue a case against Justin Bieber. If they do, the amount of damages that occurred to the Schwartz residence, $20,000 worth, would classify the crime as a felony. That would make the charges the most serious that the Canadian pop star has yet faced.

Justin Bieber is not, of course, the “Eggman” referred to in the Beatles’ song, “I Am the Walrus,” but he just might be the “Eggman” who was caught on surveillance cameras with his friends egging the Schwartz residence. Howard Weitzman, Justin Bieber’s attorney, has not commented on the case. Further details will surely follow in the coming days.

Written by: Douglas Cobb


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