Justin Bieber: What Went Wrong?


Justin Bieber is one of the world’s most famous pop stars, but more recently he seems to be better known for his erratic behavior than his music. He has had numerous run-ins with the law for drinking and driving, speeding in a yellow Ferrari at tops speeds in his gated community, and egging his neighbor’s home. His on-and-off relationship with fellow pop star Selena Gomez has also drawn more attention to Bieber than his artistic talents in the music industry.

As Usher Raymond’s protégé, Bieber’s career began when discovered on YouTube. Bieber started out seemingly sweet and innocent, a young teenage boy whose voice had not yet fully matured. However, as he’s aged and attained more wealth and independence he seems bent on shaking that fresh-faced boy-next-door image, and his frequent hijinks and run-ins with the 5-0 reveal a Justin Bieber that has spiraled out of control.

Bieber seems to have lost not only his former girlfriend, Gomez, but the respect of his adoring fans and his peers in the music business as he continues to ruin his once squeaky-clean image. So what happened to the once clean-cut kid that seemed to have the world (and even grandmothers) at his fingertips?

It could be argued that several factors, in combination, have contributed to the downfall of Justin Bieber including: his family life; his young age; the Hollywood factor; and the company he keeps. He comes from a broken home, which is in and of itself hard enough for any child or teenager to deal with; even if they are not the most famous male pop icon on the planet. His parents are no longer together, yet his mother claims that they have strong values. It would seem that Bieber has long strayed from whatever beliefs and morals he held as a child growing up. He has clearly had at least one foot in the world, rather than holding strong to the family values with which he was supposedly raised.

Justin Bieber is still not of legal drinking age, yet he seems to be finding himself under the influence and caught with illegal substances. While many teens experiment well before they are old enough to legally consume alcohol, the average teen’s every move and life is not caught on camera by droves of paparazzi and scrutinized by public opinion like Bieber. As the most recognized pop star in the universe, he is unable to be a “normal” teen without it being plastered across the cover of every magazine. The fact that he is underage does not endear him to his “Beliebers” that have looked up to him. When arrested, Bieber flashed a smile in his mug shot as if proud of himself, further displaying his youth and immaturity.

Justin Bieber has fallen victim to the Hollywood lifestyle that has seen many young celebrities lose their way. With fame and fortune comes great responsibility and pressure for which some young stars are just not ready. Bieber has gotten caught up in women and cars and basically doing whatever he pleases, and it’s all catching up with him.

As they say, “you are who your friends are,” and Bieber hasn’t been keeping the best company these days. His inner circle of aspiring hip-hop/rap artists spell “trouble.” He’s been caught with uncontrolled substances several times now while hanging out with this particular gang of friends. He’s also lost the love of Selena Gomez, who has recently been turning her life around for the better; Bieber would be wise to do the same.

Hopefully, Justin Bieber will begin to surround himself with people who have his best interests at heart and be able to get his life and career back on track before it’s too late. He needs to get back to his roots, begin making better decisions, and focus on his music in order to keep himself off the next episode of “Where Are They Now?”

By: Rebecca Savastio



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