Kanye West and Kim Kardashian Will Honor Deceased Parents

Kanye WestWhile their wedding will be about them, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are expected to honor their deceased parents during their big day. They want to make it about their family as a whole, which includes those past and the newest member of their family, ten-month-old North.

Many of the plans for the celebrity wedding have been kept secret. The couple seems to want to keep things that way and have reportedly had guests sign a confidentiality agreement. Part of this could be due to the exclusivity “Kimye” is offering E! Entertainment. However, now and then a source has leaked something.

A source told Hollywood Life that Kardashian and West are planning a special memorial to her father Robert and his mother Donda. Nothing about the memorial has been shared so far, and it is unclear whether this source really knows anything about the details yet.

According to the source, the 36-year-old rapper still grieves for his mother. She died of heart disease after surgery in 2007, and he continues to remember her every day. He is very upset that she never got to meet her grandchild or see him marry the woman he loves. The lessons his mother taught him and the love she showed him will be on his mind during the day, and that is West’s reasons for honoring his and Kardashian’s deceased parents during the ceremony.

The 33-year-old reality show’s father died in 2003. He was a good lawyer and made her realize the importance of contracts. It was because of him that she decided a prenuptial agreement was essential before her marriage to her rapper fiance. Her father always made it clear that finances needed to be kept in order.

The memorial will be a way for the two to make all their parents, and step-parents, part of the big day. Kardashian’s mother, Kris Jenner, and stepfather Bruce will be there front and center. During her marriage to Kris Humphries in 2011, her stepfather took the role of her father by walking her down the aisle. That may change this year as the reality show star wants her daughter to have that special honor, as well as being flower girl.

While many fans view this idea as beautiful and joyful, there are many sceptics and haters. Some believe that the best way for West to honor his mother is by changing his actions. According to the rapper, he is making changes to his life. That is all because of his daughter, as he sees just how important he is as a role model.

Others who have heard about the plans are sceptical that the two will remain married. Kardashian is currently on her third marriage once she says “I do” in May, and some believe she does not quite understand the meaning of the ceremony and the term.

The plans are currently being put together, and the memorial will likely be shown in full glory on the two-part series that is due to air after the big day. However the memorial works out, West and Kardashian will definitely get to honor their deceased parents in their own style.

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