Kanye West Sets High Standards for Kim Kardashian


It’s no secret that Kanye West has been making over his fiancé Kim Kardashian’s image, but just how high are the rappers standards set for the reality star? Sources say that not only does the rapper want Kardashian to be accepted by his peers and by the fashion world; he actually wants her to take it a step further. Rumors are now suggesting that West wants Kardashian to become the next Coco Chanel.

Since West and Kardashian began dating, the reality star seems to have undergone an image transformation. Now, the short star only wears outfits created by high fashion designers in her daily life. Kardashian always appears perfectly groomed and fans think that West is to blame. However, it seems that the reality star likes her new look, even if her fans don’t agree. West is very vocal about supporting the wardrobe change, and constantly brags in interviews that Kardashian is the most beautiful women in the world. West also claims to have noticed the reality star when she was not famous, and always knew they would marry. Perhaps the rapper started plotting the reality star’s rise to fame even then.

The fashion world, and West’s friends, is rumored to not be as accepting to Kardashian as the rapper would like. This is apparently why West is trying so hard to transform the reality star into a real celebrity. Rumors began last month that West was begging Anna Wintour to put Kardashian on the cover of Vogue. West thought that if his fiancee got the cover, it would cement her status in the fashion world. Nobody thought it would happen, however, Wintour did make the choice to feature Kardashian on April’s Vogue cover.

Kim Kardashian appearing on a Vogue cover with Kanye West only shows that she agrees with the high standards the rapper sets for her. The reality star said she was thrilled to appear on the cover, even if she could not pose alone. Kardashian and West were on the cover, and inside their daughter North also appeared with the couple. The two star’s Vogue cover is set to be the highest selling issue ever, even beating out Beyoncé and Michelle Obama.

Now that West and Kardashian have conquered Vogue, and proved that they can outsell other major celebrities, West has his sights set even higher. Reports are claiming that the rapper wants Kardashian to have her own lifestyle brand. Sources claim that the rapper has even spent the last year educating the reality star in the world of ultra high fashion. West thinks that Kardashian can become the next Coco Chanel, and become a true luxury brand that expresses her generation. It’s nice to know that Kardashian has so much support from her fiancée.

It seems that the ultra luxurious lifestyle brand will have to wait a bit longer. Kanye West needs to channel all his energy into the high standards he has set for his upcoming wedding to Kim Kardashian. The two stars are set to marry in not just one, but three wedding ceremonies. One thing is clear, when West puts his energy into a project, he really commits. So now that the rapper and the reality star have conquered Vogue, get ready to watch Kardashian become the next Coco Chanel.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

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