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Katy Perry

Some people just know how to stay in the news, and Katy Perry has a better knack for it than most. Lately, thanks to a couple romantic rumors and a publicity push for her new video, her celebrity stock has been rising and now seems a good time to give a recap the last couple weeks.

Tangentially related but notable, Selena Gomez has officially hired Katy Perry’s manager to help give a boost to her career. Gomez, the mystifying on-again off-again hookup to Justin Beiber, fired her mom and step-father and went with Bradford Cobb, a hot manager whom Billboard Magazine last July named one of the top 40 executives under 40. No word on how her parents took the news of their dismissal.

Gomez is no amateur when it comes to creating buzz, but the 21-year-old can still learn a few tricks from Perry. For example, Katy was predominately spotted at last week’s mega-trendy Cochella Festival, where she managed to get herself linked to two very different celebrities.

 Katy was seen hanging with EDM’s  DJ/Producers, Diplo. The DJ himself had already had an eventful festival, giving his own recap of the Cochella music lineup by calling it lame in a Tweet he later erased. He was also spotted hanging out with Katy Perry backstage, often with his arm around her, and was even rumored to follow Perry into her tour bus. Friends say the two have known either other for a while, but this appears the first time they’ve been linked romantically.

Not that either has anybody to apologize to right now. Diplo, while previously linked to singer M.I.A., is currently single and Katy is recently free of another go-round with John Mayer. Mayer has dated roughly half of the entertainment world and Katy was added to that list a while ago.

But Katy and the Cochella Festival were not done with each other quite yet as she was also spotted with Robert Pattinson. The two have been romantically linked for months and were seen holding hands and kissing backstage. Sounds like deja vu, but there is no word if Pattinson was allowed into her tour bus, although it is likely he has his own private concert hangout to lure Perry back to. Diplo has yet to publicly comment on her new relationship status with Pattinson, and vice versa.

With all this fresh publicity, it may or may not be a coincidence Katy has a new video out called “Birthday.” The video has already made its own waves; the singer appears in heavy makeup as various party-crashing performers including an old lady, a Jewish entertainer and, most notably, a scary clown. The clown part of the production has become slightly infamous as Perry staged a car crash outside a 5-year-old’s birthday party, but failed to inform the party the incident was a fake. Reportedly, more than a few parents were not too happy.

So Katy Perry has managed to keep a consistently high-profile, but not always for the right reasons. Critical consensus is the video is a bust; she has tried to play funny in videos before, with hit-or-miss success, but in “Birthday” the act seems over the top. She also might have had fun at Cochella, but getting linked to too many men could backfire both personally and professionally. Recap, she has so far been granted a post-Russell Brand-breakup grace-period, but play the bad girl too much and things may turn. One might worry she is starting to head towards the Miley Cyrus end of the celebrity spectrum.

Commentary by Andrew Elfenbein

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