Katy Perry Teams up With CoverGirl

Katy Perry

CoverGirl is known for teaming up with some of the most powerful women, and Katy Perry is no exception. She announced a new line of make-up with the beauty giant, on Instagram of all places. The make-up line includes mascara and lip gloss and clever marketing is calling it InstaGlam. She cleverly endorses her announcement by stating “InstaGlam you, then Instagram me”, she will surely get a lot of photos. This campaign seems to be targeting the younger demographic, and using social media to launch could prove to be a very good call.

Katy Perry

The make-up giant always has had powerful and influential women as their cover girls, for instance, Pink and Ellen DeGeneres. Having celebrities endorse their make-up lines is market savvy, and it works. Sofia Vegara got her start as a television host in Latin America and has become a star on TV and in movies. Her confidence is what drew her to CoverGirl, and how she wants every women to look beautiful, so it was a natural fit. Ellen DeGeneres is recognized world-wide, even her voice alone is famous, so she was the natural choice for their older consumers. They even teamed her up with Sofia Vegara for a clever and funny ad campaign. Queen Latifa, the award-winning rapper, producer, and actress has a natural beauty and exemplifies strength in women. She was the natural choice for make-up with the darker skinned beauties in mind.

Musicians are a favorite of CoverGirl, teaming up with the likes of Taylor Swift, Janelle Monae, and Rhianna, to name a few, and now we can add Katy Perry to the A-List of people to team up with CoverGirl. Clever marketing is also a big part of the industry, and InstaGlam is looking to social media to make an impact. With this beautiful songstress at the helm of the new marketing scheme it is sure to do well within the realm of social media. They are certainly off to a good start with the launching of this on Instagram. Hopefully the social media site is ready for the influx of photo’s sure to come from this clever bit of advertising. Using Katy Perry and Instagram may well be genius, getting to the younger girls could well make them customers for life. Janelle Monae also helped target the younger audience, as she took the music industry by storm, she became a young and influential woman, and definitely had what CoverGirl was looking for. With her signature style and youthful confidence, she was a perfect match for the make-up giant.

Perry is the first female artist to have five number one hits on Billboard, and she really does define beauty, inside and out, and is not afraid to take risks. These are just a few of the things the make-up industry looks for in a spokesperson. The singer song writer believes that make-up is a creative outlet for expressing yourself, just as her music is. They have just started shooting and Katy Perry fans are sure to follow her journey as she teams up with CoverGirl.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska
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