Kim Kardashian Finally Tops Beyoncé


Kim Kardashian may be considered a joke to some people, and would never be considered as the same level of celebrity as Beyoncé, but her recent Vogue cover actually topped the singers cover sales by a landslide. Reports state that the reality star’s cover will sell more than Beyoncé’s cover by almost 150,000 copies. Kardashian’s cover also beats Michelle Obama’s cover sales by almost 200,000 copies, and is predicted to break all previous sales.

A few months back, rumors surfaced that Kanye West was begging Anna Wintour, Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief, to put his fiancé on the cover. It was reported that West wanted Kardashian to be taken more seriously in the fashion world and among his peers. Shortly after the two started dating, the reality star’s wardrobe began to change, making her the target of harsh comments about her looks. Fans were upset that Kardashian was dressed in a way that did not flatter her body type, and they didn’t care about the high fashion designers she was now wearing. However, it appeared that Kardashian was also trying to transition into her fiancée’s world of high fashion.

People were very vocal about the rumors that Wintour was going to put Kardashian on the cover of Vogue, and most people thought it would never happen. Critics said Kardashian was not a talented celebrity, such as Beyoncé, to warrant being featured on such a cover. However, the reality star did appear on April’s cover, in a wedding dress, along with her fiancé, and baby North. Twitter blew up with complaints that Kardashian should not have gotten the cover, claiming the reality star is only famous for being famous, and has no true talent.

Still, our culture seems fascinated with Kardashian. Most people love to hate her, but a few actually do love her. Every move she makes is documented. This might be why Vogue decided to put her on the cover. The creative director of Vogue, Grace Coddington, says that the reality star fascinates her and represents a moment in our society. Coddington goes on to say Kardashian is as interesting as a normal person on the subway. People were not sure if this was meant as an insult, or a compliment. However, it seems that Vogue made the right choice for their bottom line, as this cover is set to break all previous sales for the magazine.

Reports also claim that even Beyoncé does not consider Kim Kardashian famous enough to be her friend, however, now that the reality star has topped the singer in Vogue cover sales, it might just level the playing field. Wintour claims that it was her decision to put Kardashian on the cover, so maybe now that the reality star has Wintour’s approval and blessing, Beyoncé will follow suit.

Now that Kim Kardashian has finally proved herself as a forced to be reckoned with, by topping all Vogue sales, maybe she will finally be viewed on the same level as her finances famous friends, Beyoncé and Jay Z. Most people thought the reality star’s 15 minutes of fame were up long ago, but Kardashian keeps proving that she is here to stay.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

The Hollywood Gossip
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