Kirstie Alley Struggles With Weight Loss Again

 Kirstie AlleyMost American’s struggle with weight loss, and even a star like Kirstie Alley is no exception as she becomes a Jennie Craig spokesman yet again. She is coming back to the weight loss giant to attempt to lose 30 lbs, and already has an amusing commercial out making it official.

Like many people who struggle with their weight, Alley has had her ups and downs. She was a spokesman for Jenny Craig from 2004 through 2007 when she lost 75 lbs. Recently, she was on the Today Show and jokingly blamed ‘man troubles’ and the Christmas Holidays for her need to lose the weight. The comedian also confirmed that for her, the Holidays last from Halloween through Valentines Day. Now 7 years after her last stint with Jenny Craig, the 63-year-old actress is signing back on to be their spokesperson once again. In 2011 she not only launched her own organic weight loss supplement, but also competed on Dancing with the Stars, and lost a total of 100 lbs during this time.

From Cheers to her upbeat and funny Jenny Craig commercials, America has not lost their fascination with the bubbly Alley. She is no stranger to the vicious cycle of weight loss, to weight gain, and though she says she is not ‘clown heavy’ she would feel better with just a little less weight. She will never live down some of the terrible photo’s that hit the web when she was at her heaviest. Her fans however, know that she is funny and talented no matter how heavy she gets. Unfortunately Hollywood is not as forgiving, and neither are the camera’s, so Alley’s struggle with weight loss will again be in the public eye.


Many experts say that it is common to lose the weight initially and once the pounds are off, many dieters think that they can eat whatever they want again. Those pre-made meals can also become a problem, because once the use of this service is no longer needed, most do not take the time to learn how to cook healthy and they simply go back to their old ways. Eating organic, and fresh meats and vegetables will go a long way to keeping the weight off. No one intends to slip back into old habits, but when you are on your own without the help of a pill or pre-made foods it is easier said than done. Take your time and come off of your preferred diet slowly. Possibly just keep some of the snacks around that helped you achieve your initial weight loss.

Alley has picked Jenny Craig because of the personal consultant. She even asks for her by name in her new commercial. She equates having a consultant to having your own personal coach. Also in keeping with her alliance with the weight loss giant, her organic energy booster ‘Rescue me’ will be available at Jenny Craig centers. These are organic supplements that are supposed to help with energy, and stimulate the metabolism. So if someone struggles with weight loss again and again, just like Kirstie Alley, then finding the right diet and how to maintain after the diet is done will make the experience a win win.

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