Miley Cyrus Partying Catching up With Her


Miley Cyrus loves to make headlines and keep people talking about her crazy lifestyle, but many fear that her non-stop partying is finally catching up with her. The cannabis loving pop star has just announced that she will be canceling her show in Charlotte, NC because she came down with a flu virus.

Live Nation released a statement confirming that Cyrus was in fact diagnosed with the flu and that she has been ordered to rest by doctors.  The press release was given only a half hour before the show was about to start, leaving fans upset that they had already dressed up and arrived at the concert, with no earlier warning. A 16-year-old fan commented that even though the ticket price was going to be refunded, she was upset that she had already spent money on a new outfit, gas, and a hotel room. Even more upsetting for fans was a sign that was posted in the arena by Ticketmaster, which said there are no plans to reschedule the concert in Charlotte. Cyrus has not been back to Charlotte since 2009, when she was still performing as Hannah Montana. Much has changed since then.

The Bangertz concert has made headlines for its questionable adult content, which boasts of revealing costumes, twerking backup dancers, drug references and profanity. Cyrus even gives away gold paper to roll joints or cigarettes with at the concert. Miley Cyrus has made it no secret that she loves to party, and fans are worried that her over the top lifestyle is catching up with her.

Cyrus has also shared with fans how terrible she feels since loosing her favorite dog to a coyote attack only six days ago. The heart-broken singer has repeatedly tweeted about her feelings, saying she is sick of people telling her it will be okay, and that all she wants is her friend back. During her Boston show, the singer dedicated a song to the dog and sobbed throughout the performance. Later on Twitter, Cyrus said that she was emotionally and physically exhausted and all she could do is cry. The singer is obviously going through a lot and is having a hard time coping with the unfortunate death of her dog, on top of the flu.

Fans seem to love Cyrus and want to stick by her no matter what. Parents are angry that the twerking singer shattered her innocent good girl image and became a less than ideal role model for their children. Some parents have even petitioned to shut down the show. However, Cyrus’s younger fans have continued to support her and buy tickets to her concerts.

Miley Cyrus has been partying non-stop and no doubt this, and the death of her favorite dog Floyd, has really caught up to her in the past week. Her mother Tish, even bought Cyrus a new dog, but the singer commented on Twitter that she was not ready to love again. If fans living in North Carolina still want to see the Bangertz concert, Live Nation confirms that the concert in Raleigh, NC on Tuesday will go on as planned.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

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  1. sakara   April 8, 2014 at 6:40 pm

    maybe she put her tongue where she shouldn’t have, that she got sick from doing that.

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