Ku Klux Klan Leader Busted Having Sex With Black Male Prostitute

ku klux klan

ku klux klan

In what can only be called ironic justice, Ku Klux Klan leader Frazier Glenn Miller, the same man who killed three people at a Jewish community center a few weeks ago, was busted while having sex with a black male prostitute in the back seat of a car. Miller, who told an investigator he had lured the prostitute for the purpose of beating him up, was caught with his pants down engaging in acts that were too graphic to be described by authorities.

Miller is reported to have a lengthy and complex history with the law dating back to the 1980s. His involvement with the “white nationalist party” and the Ku Klux Klan has landed him in plenty of trouble with the FBI, who eventually cut a deal with Miller in exchange for his ratting out his fellow party members. He then entered a witness protection program after participating with law enforcement to catch other white nationalists. His deal included a greatly reduced prison sentence of just five years, and the protection of a brand new identity, which was furnished to him by the FBI.

Miller’s behavior and criminal activities have surprised law enforcement officials, but it was the incident in the back of a car that shocked investigators the most. An official commenting on the case declined to give exact details of what police found “Grand Dragon” Ku Klux Klan leader Miller doing when he got busted having sex with a black male prostitute, but described the activities as “salacious” and “shocking” given the fact that Miller had long been involved with the KKK.

Earlier this month, Miller was arrested for killing three people outside a Jewish community center while shouting racist slurs, including “Heil Hitler.” He is currently being held without bail while awaiting trial. The Daily Beast recently published an article which insinuates that Miller could also possibly have been involved with the murder of three black men at a gay book store in 1987. After those murders, Miller fingered two of his associates in the white nationalist party as the perpetrators, but both men he accused had alibis that checked out after a police investigation, and the murders were never solved.

In the same piece, Daily Beast writer Charlotte Lytton hints that Miller’s frolic with the black male prostitute might be due to his need for power and control over those he hates, and points to cases in which white slave owners often became involved with those they held captive.

That may be the case, or perhaps Miller is a repressed gay man himself. Studies have shown that the more homophobic a man is, the more stimulated he gets when watching sexual situations between men. This has led to a belief among psychiatrists and other medical professionals that homophobia often can indicate a person’s own homosexuality.

Miller, the Ku Klux Klan leader and admitted anti-Semite, was once busted having sex with a black male prostitute in the backseat of a car, shocking law enforcement officials and revealing a very sad irony. He is currently awaiting trial for the Jewish community center murders and won’t be making any more deals with the feds anytime soon.

By: Rebecca Savastio


New York Magazine


New York Daily News

The Daily Beast

176 thoughts on “Ku Klux Klan Leader Busted Having Sex With Black Male Prostitute

  1. I Love Gay People They Come In The World Feeling that Way Who Are We To Say,Judge,So Let Them Live Their Lives,In Their Beliefs,They Been Having Sex With The Male Slaves,WomensBack In Those Days They Don,t Talk About That,When They Go To Jail, The Catholic Priest Rapeing Kids We Can Go On On Don,t Talk About It Pray About It Amen

  2. Damn!.. Gay k.k.k members..
    All white men are gay some type of way…
    Seattle, Washington is full of gay white men…lol

  3. He can pick & choose just abt any black man he wants in prison. In fact, he might end up as a sex slave.

  4. How many times can one person say black male prostitute in a article ? Gosh this rag is trash.

  5. Dam better change & start like colors people. Cuz Ur gay. & Sex with. A colored man. See God. Moves in mysterious ways. So. Stop & get out of the Kkk. Now

  6. What’s crazy the man just killed 3 people!! Why in the hell was he free to have sex!! Period???!!!

  7. Why do we keep seeing need clips from 5 years ago…please give us something current if you want to post

  8. This guy is murderous scum.
    It is weird to see the Daily Beast mentioned in this article though, considering they are known to be a racist publication, even recently doxxing an African American and encouraging hate crimes against him.

  9. Hypocrites, they, ours, ignorant claims in weakness to segregate discretely, pretending you look at whichever isn’t “ours” equal. Just because it’s without physical harm it’s blatantly forced to be right and feared to stand against. Keeping all within ignorance, real is real true is true , the ones who hate have truthfully never reached becoming ones own self , understand our world , humanity’s choice, to suppress all, hate treated with anger , wrong, destruction, negativity , evil, bad, weakness, selfishness only continuously furthers us from clarity and peace.

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  11. Oh gee! This is hilarious! There’s always a hidden reason for such open hatred.

  12. Does anyone even care that this happened 30 freaking years ago? You know, before Compact Disks and carphones were invented?

    1. Yes… The Families Of Those 3 Men Murdered! they care… And if it were my family member, I would care…

  13. Gavin Quick, it is not a myth, Congolese men have the biggest dicks on the planet, inches longer than your average puny whitebread Caucasian.

    1. I’d rather be black any day than be gay,it may be disgusting to you to be black, however God created black people which is not a sin, he did not create gay people you created yourself which is very sinful, God created Adam and Eve, not Steve and cleve

      1. God created everyone equally, the only difference being some people are more stupid than others, you being the perfect example!

  14. This don’t surprise me at all they fear us but they love us…..

  15. I guess , now we use our tax money to live , eat and even get more sex in prison . DeTh is the least punishment for this psycho . Why don’t they send him to Israel and tell them , here you go , and leave Palestinian alone .

  16. He’s not even a competent Nazi, the 3 people he killed didn’t even happen to be Jewish.

  17. I don’t think the police or author need to give you a graphic account of what they saw. Fact that a KKK leader is having sex with a black man is enough. No doubt you’ll get your graphic account soon.

  18. It is certain that the article is poorly written because we do not know everything … like the author without doubt. It wanted to make the sensational implying more than reality. Indeed, writing that the police could not describe the existing situation because it was shocking, is not enough. Especially that the author speaks of the accused saying he had his pants down, but nothing about the position, nothing on the attire of the prostitute? This suggests that it is this one that was being sodomized Miller. So this one is not only gay, but attracted by black men. So his membership in the KKK is a way of denying his homosexuality and his attraction pours black men!

    Similarly, Will Miller has no Jewish ancestry, which would explain the murder of three Jews.

  19. For this idiots (members of Ku Klux Klan) sex with black mail man is superb proof “superiority” of the white race.

  20. If a man rape another man he’s a punk it’s has nothing to do bout being in controll of the slave. Slave owners were already gay and that’s their punishment.

  21. Slave owners raped the men as well. It was their way of showing other slaves that they were in charge of the slaves’ lives, that they were the masters. If a male slave was considered a risk, he was raped by the owner and possibly the owner’s friends
    to show his subservience.

  22. Lytton’s synopsis from, The Daily Beast makes no sense. Slave owners did not hate their slaves, they viewed them as sub-human, inferior, etc. They (slave owners) frequently raped women because there was no consequences. To compare the two with the premise of hate makes no sense to me.

  23. Sooo basically he wanted that BIG BLACK DICK lmaooo white people, they crack me up.

  24. Okay…I had to check this out from a more reliable source, as the article was shabbily written, and, the timing of murder one week and soliciting a black male prostitute the next week just didn’t sit well.

    The alledged crime took place in the ’80’s.


    So, I guess they bring it up now because of his current case of murder.

    So yes, he did commit the crime, But It wasn’t recent.

  25. Despite the writers abilities, in the words of Gomer Pyle: “Shame…shame…Shame…”! lol

    If it’s not true, I’m sure he has hired a Lawyer to sue. That’s the norm today. If it is true, he won’t sue.

    Haven’t heard any news of such…soooo…

  26. Jimbishop, exactly. I read this article thinking he had just been busted doing this somehow while on trial for that triple murder, rather than, say, a year earlier as the very first link (written by apparently writers with a bit more experience, or maybe seeing an editor before going out) describes.

  27. Do you have an editor in your office? This article, the gist of which I love, ‘KKK Grand Dragon in back seat with male black prostitute’ reads like Monty Python to me, is very poorly written. From the text one concludes that the KKK er is known to have killed three jews three weeks ago and was found yesterday in the back seat of a car… To wit, your first sentence, ‘In what can only be called ironic justice, Ku Klux Klan leader Frazier Glenn Miller, the same man who killed three people at a Jewish community center a few weeks ago, was busted while having sex with a black male prostitute in the back seat of a car. Miller, who told an investigator he had lured the prostitute for the purpose of beating him up, was caught with his pants down engaging in acts that were too graphic to be described by authorities.’ which is nowhere cleaned up.

  28. Holy wow. This was written by a professional writer? This story was all over the place. It was like listening to an ADHD kid recap a cartoon.

  29. Not only is this one of the most poorly written articles of all time, but it was written 4/28/2014. Why is this slander on the english language being dredged up now?

  30. How is it even possible for him to have sex with a person, when he killed 3 People a few weeks ago…..
    Isn’t he suppost to be in jail….

  31. He looks a lot like Charles Manson. Give him a upside cross on his forehead. BANG…. THE DEVIL!

  32. This article is very poorly written. The beginning makes it sound like he is caught with the prostitute a few weeks after killing 3 Jewish people. WTF? Then, the article was written in 2014 why is it being recirculated now?

  33. Actually, if one knows anything about Jungian psychology and what Jung called “the shadow”, this is not all that surprising.

    Extreme denial is usually a reliable indicator of a repressed impulse that is equal in intensity, but opposite in direction.

  34. it happen in Apr 28, 2014 … In what can only be called ironic justice, Ku Klux Klan leader Frazier Glenn Miller, the same man who killed three people at a Jewish community

  35. It isn’t fake he was just convicted in the Johnson County Courthouse. The murders happened about 2 miles from where I live, have run on the track, played ball there, in general decent people and a yahoo goes to kill people of Jewish decent and winds up not killing anyone of the Jewish religion. What a genius, he should have been dealt with long ago. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Pray for the members of the synagogue and those lost to that maniac.

  36. A couple of questions: 1. If he killed 3 people a month ago,how in th hell did he get caught in th backseat of a car?…I mean what judge would let him out on bail?…2.If he was in th witness protection program, how th hell would his real name get out in the media??

  37. this is fake cause hes on his deathbed last time i saw the stupid KKK on t.v
    the racist cunts should all die

  38. So he murdered three people previously and was given only five years for giving up his fellows…and they were surprised to find him in similar suit years later? Speaks columes about the local justice system.

  39. Yo Denny, to date, there has not been an attack by the Black Panthers on any walk of life bro so, I don’t think they should disband protection for people that supremacist
    prey on

  40. Depending on who was the “catcher” .. if Miller was “pitching”, it might be giving him a feeling of superiority .. putting a black male in a bad position while having it done by a white guy.. I dont know what goes on in these f**kers minds. I wish getting the KKK out was something people were trying to get rid of instead of the Confederate flag.

  41. How exactly is this ironic? Would it be weird if a woman hater was caught with a female prostitute?

    1. It never says when the incident with th prostitute occurred – could have been decades ago.

  42. I wonder what acts are too graphic to be described?

    Anal sex, oral sex, queefing, ball busting, what the heck????? I’ve now mentioned the potential acts in words.

    Let’s describe these acts then. The guy had his the dick up the other guys butt, the guy was sucking the other guys cock while twisting his balls, the guy was licking the other guys butt who was moaning so softly. Is that shocking to you, disgusting you? Are we adults???

    We all know the reporter has no need or reason to describe these acts at all. The guy was arrested on suspicion of being a john to a prostitute. That’s all the reporter need say.

  43. Oh FFS Ditty, stfu and do some research 5 mins of Google will find you studies that link extreme homophobia to repressed homosexuality….. Maybe the blogger didn’t think they were talking to morons..

  44. What a shotty journalist. State your sources for this comment, “That may be the case, or perhaps Miller is a repressed gay man himself. Studies have shown that the more homophobic a man is, the more stimulated he gets when watching sexual situations between men. This has led to a belief among psychiatrists and other medical professionals that homophobia often can indicate a person’s own homosexuality.”

    Where are your sources? What study? What are your professional credentials that you can give this kindnof statement. Effin blog writers…all the same.

  45. No, it’s not ironic. Slave masters used to rape female slaves all the time. Racist southerners raped black females all the time during the jim crow era. Same song just a different singer.

    1. The article was poorly worded. Investigators were looking into Miller’s past and discovered this, it was not something that occurred after his arrest for the killings at the community center. It should be noted that he was not released after his arrest, and was convicted in August- a fact which is not mentioned here due to the article being from last year.

  46. If he killed three people, why was he free to troll for prostitutes? I blame the legal system….

    1. I agree. I have a lot of gay friends. When I was younger I dated some of them before they came out. Trust me… gay guys have ALWAYS known this is true because they are the ones that the homophobes proposition. The fact that several studies have confirmed it, in recent years was mostly an afterthought as far as I was concerned. LOL

  47. Evil collapses under it’s own weight. I can’t tell you how happy I am. Sort of ‘Glad all over’.

  48. In another example of the crappy journalism that seems to be all the rage these days, WHEN was he busted with a black male prostitute? Given that he is in jail w/out bail, it can’t have been today. So when was it? The headline indicates that it was recently. Dates matter in research and journalism. So do facts. This is CRAP reporting. Too bad, because the guy truly is a scumbag of major proportions.

  49. I have to say it. The phrase “(Miller) fingered his accomplices in the 1987 killing” takes on a whole new meaning in light of his recent arrest.

  50. I am not sure if this is true of if it’s a satyr site, I have not researched, but I will say that if it is true I would not be surprised. Some people view sex as an act that involves someone being submissive. And how often do you hear people saying things like “suck my d***” to someone they hate. Why? Because that puts that person in a submissive position and the person receiving feels powerful. A lot of men who hate women love to have sex with them.

  51. While being homophobic may well be an indicator of a man’s own homosexuality, perhaps a clearer indicator is having sex with another man.

  52. He was a informant on a seperate case for the FBI prior to the shootings. It was during that time he was caught with the black male prostitute. The shootings took place after these events. The article makes it sound misleading. After the shootings he was arrested. & went to trial. He was found guilty & is currently locked up and awaiting the death penalty.

  53. Read the top of the article where the authors name is listed… This article 8s a little over a year old.

  54. “He is currently being held without bail while awaiting trial.” If this arrest is for the murder of the 3 men..what is the date of the sexual misbehavior?

  55. Reminds me of those afghan security forces, raping little boys(baza baki) while stoning dudes to death for “homosexuality”. I Guess the FBI won’t be prosecuting those hypocritical racist rapists/murderers.

  56. You hate gays and blacks remember… But ….I guess… good d#$k can make you forget all of the racist stuff…lol

  57. No offense but this reporting has some holes in it. When exactly was he busted for soliciting/engaging a prostitute? Was there any indication of violence toward the sex worker? Why are we only now bringing this up? He’s not out on bond so this must be old news?

    1. I thought the same thing. Probably just another B.S. story. Not even worth investigating. I have better things to do. I did feel the need to tell you though. Your right. Too many holes

  58. Um, how did he even have the opportunity to have sex with a male prostitute when he was suspected of 3 counts of murder?? Are we letting murder suspects roam the streets these days?

  59. This Dude is just trash, hates black people and gays??? But here his giving one the business!!! Confused: (

  60. The only thing I can say is that the Black guy must to have really needed the money… I hope it was a LOT of money. Anything less…DAMN!!! It hurts even to think about it…

  61. I just want to point out something. You wrote:

    “slave owners often became involved with those they held captive”

    The situation you described isn’t “becoming involved with”, it’s rape. There is NO WAY people who were enslaved could possibly consent to a sexual relationship with someone who legally owned them. Whether or not directly stated, the slave owner had ultimate authority over the person he held captive and the threat of death was always present: therefore it was rape.

  62. If as a black person I had killed three prople I would have been hung and burnt at the stake, maybe this article is written in a very misleading way because there is no way this perpetrator should be allowed to roam the streets

  63. I’m never surprised at the lengths that a pervert will go to to engage in and cover up their perversions.

  64. @shanna Thank you! People seem to forget that white people were neanderthals and NOT the other way around.

  65. @Mike sub-human? You’ve got to be kidding right?! Because last i checked your race was the sub-human.

  66. I’m confused. If he is in jail, how could he be “busted” for having sex in a car? No dates are given.

  67. After being arrested for killing three people, how is it that he awaits trial a free man?

  68. I wonder how he explains that back at the clan meetings.
    My guess is that there will be rather an awkward silence.

  69. Laura I’m sure some slave owners raped the slaves but there are many accounts of male slave owners having relationships with female slaves that didn’t involve rape. It would be difficult for many of the known cases of plantation wives having mixed children while keeping it quiet the entire time.

  70. Great article, except for the analogy to slavery. Slave owners did not “become involved” with enslaved women. They systematically raped them.

  71. Kim, I was referring just to the time period when he was caught\, which was much prior to this latest incident. I apologize if I gave the impression that the incident in the car was more shocking than killing people, because if I gave that impression, it was not intentional. Thanks for your comment.

    1. Rebecca,
      For what it’s worth, I got your point clearly and can not fathom how any other conclusion could have been reached. Went back and reread the paragraph mentioning the investigators. There was no reference to the community center. It was specifically about his criminal activities.

      Although you could have made a delineation between the time period of the arrest for prostitution as being prior to the shooting in Kansas, your second paragraph makes it clear the events discussed are from “the 1980s.”

      Additionally, the gay book store murders were “in 1987.”

      No where in the article is any indication or suggestion the investigators were NOT shocked by the JCC shooting.

      You did a good job. No need to apologize. When bullies learn to like themselves they will no longer need to lash out at others.

  72. Really? The fact that he had sex with a black male prostitute in the back seat of a car shocked investigators the most??? Not the fact that he killed 3 people at a Jewish Community Center while shouting “Heil Hitler?” He has already demonstrated that he is a menace to society, and yet was given witness protection and a slap on the wrist after killing 3 other men. I am not in favor of the death penalty, but in this case, this monster should be taken out and shot by a firing squad. No trial, no jury of his peers, no attorney. Just shot and killed.

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