Leonardo DiCaprio to Play Steve Jobs in Danny Boyle’s ‘Jobs’

Academy award winner, British director, producer, Danny Boyle is in talks with Leonardo DiCaprio to play Apple’s co-founder, tech genius, Steve Jobs, onscreen in the upcoming biopic Jobs. Aaron Sorkin is writing the screenplay for the movie on Jobs. The script is inspired from the best selling Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson. After Jobs’ death in 2011, Sony Pictures obtained the copyrights of the biography.

According to the sources, Leonardo DiCaprio has been approached by Sony Pictures to star in the Steve Jobs biopic Jobs directed by Danny Boyle. However, it is not confirmed that Leo committed to the project as yet. His upcoming movie production of The Revenant begins in September this year. Earlier, David Fincher was considered by the Sony Pictures to direct the biopic but eventually, Boyle landed the responsibility to direct the Jobs movie. Scott Rudin, Guymon Casady, and Mark Gordon are on the team of producers for the film.

In 2009, Boyle won an Oscar for his movie Slumdog Millionaire, a drama based on a young boy’s journey from Indian Slums to participating in and then winning the millionaire game show. The movie was a huge success at the box office and critically acclaimed internationally. It won the Best Picture Oscar award. Additionally, the last movie Boyle directed was Fox Searchlight’s Trance.

Mr. DiCaprio and Boyle previously teamed up in 2000 for the movie The Beach. The movie was inspired from a fiction work. Moreover, Christian Bale was considered by Fincher earlier for Jobs character for the movie.  In 2013, Ashton Kutcher starred as Jobs, and received numerous reviews of his leading role as the tech genius. Thus, Boyle’s attempted is not the first time to make movie on Apple’s mogul.

Leo’s last project was The Wolf of Wall Street, and he has lines of projects ahead. Boyle has collaborated with his actors more than once in his movies. Currently, Boyle is working on a cult film sequel of Trainspotting. Meanwhile, the filming of Leo’s The Revenant begins in the fall 2014. The Academy Award nominated actor has had numerous box office successes in recent years from, Inception, The Great Gatsby, Django Unchained, and The Wolf of Wall Street. DiCaprio was considered a viewer’s favorite last year and his performance as Belfort was powerfully dynamic. Leo has collaborated with Steven Spielberg and Martin Scorsese many times in his successful career.

Steven Paul Jobs was born on February 24, 1955, in California, and he died from pancreatic cancer on October 5, 2011. He was a technology genius and co-founded Apple. Inc. While he was alive, he was the CEO and the Chairman of Apple. He revolutionized the digital media, and his contributions are unforgettable.

Danny Boyle is famously known for his work as a director, screen writer, and producer. His famous works include, 28 Days Later, Shallow Grave, 127 Hours, Sunshine, Slumdog Millionaire, Trance and Trainspotting. Boyle also directed Isles of Wonder in the opening ceremony of London Olympics in 2012. He won applauds for his work and became one of the patrons of HOME in Manchester, a merging of two theaters into a cultural hub. Boyle’s work includes TV, theater and films. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the rumor of Leonardo DiCaprio to star and essay the role of Steve Jobs in biopic Jobs directed by Danny Boyle under Sony Pictures.

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