LeSean McCoy Rips Tebow, Questions Release of DeSean Jackson

LeSean McCoy Tim TebowPhiladelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy ripped Tim Tebow and questioned the team’s release of receiver DeSean Jackson in his latest comments to the media. TMZ ran into the All-Pro at an airport terminal and asked if he thought Tim Tebow was among the most talented players not currently on an NFL team, to which he rolled his eyes and replied he would pick his two-year-old son over Tebow. Then on Saturday, he told a group of reporters at a youth football clinic in Cherry Hill, N.J. that he was at odds with head coach Chip Kelly’s decision to cut DeSean Jackson.

His statements come on the heels of Jackson’s shocking Mar. 28 dismissal. He said he is surprised and does not know how honest it would be for someone to say they are happy with the situation. McCoy, who led the NFL last season with 1,607 rushing yards and 2,146 yards from scrimmage,  added that he did not understand the move to let Jackson go because he was one of the best playmakers and deep threats in the game. However, he said, the front office must know what they are doing in letting go such a talented player. The three-time Pro Bowl selection was coming off his most productive season as a pro, catching 82 passes for 1,332 yards and 9 touchdowns, which only raises questions about the notion of tension between Jackson and coach Kelly. McCoy frowned at the suggestion, saying he never witnessed anything of the sort between the two. Jackson, 27, immediately signed with the Washington Redskins.

But the idea that Jackson did something to draw his coach’s ire may not be without merit. According to reports, Jackson failed to show up for Kelly’s year-end exit interview at about the same time he was lobbying for more money. The resigning of both Riley Cooper and Jeremy Maclin, coupled with the acquisition of Darren Sproles, seemed to signal the beginning of the end of Jackson’s time in Philly. The organization’s treatment of Jackson after his release also points to some sort of discord.  In a statement to the media when Michael Vick left the team, Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie wished Vick well and said he enjoyed getting to know him over the years, calling him a great teammate and leader. Upon the release of Jason Avant, Lurie said Avant represented the organization with great class and wished him the best. Lurie made no comment when Jackson was released. The team simply made a short, formal statement, saying they had decided to part ways with Jackson.

Jackson signed a four-year deal with Washington worth a reported $32 million, including $16 million guaranteed so he will not only be making more money than the $6.75 million he was making annually, two times a year he will get the chance to make the Eagles pay for letting him sign with a division rival. McCoy, reportedly best friends with Jackson throughout his time in Philadelphia, seemed hurt by the idea of having to play without Jackson and even more upset about having to play against him. He should just be thankful that he is not a defensive back.

Commentary by Rick Sarlat

Washington Post

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