Lindsay Lohan Finally Confesses to Breaking Her Sobriety

Lindsay LohanLindsay Lohan has finally confessed to breaking her sobriety pledge, and letting her fans down. It was something all the cynics believed would happen after attempted rehab for the sixth time.

The 27-year-old tearfully admitted to having a glass of wine shortly after leaving rehab. Initially explaining that it was due to the relationship she was in, she realized just what she was doing to herself and decided it was time to put the alcohol down.

It all started when her life coach A.J. Johnson asked her if she had been drinking. It was on camera and Lohan did not want to admit to it at the time, so started shouting at Johnson for asking her. She also denied the allegations, which came from her mom. The Mean Girls actress ignored her life coach for a week after that, and then there were further arguments. It took a month for her to finally come clean about the slip up.

While admitting to it, she explained more about the relationship after rehab and how it was not something she had planned or really thought about. The other person was drinking, and she gave in. In other words, she put herself in a stupid situation, something that she had told Oprah Winfrey just a few weeks earlier that she had not done.

The actress is trying to make her comeback through her reality TV show, Lindsay, which is being aired on Winfrey’s OWN network. At the moment, all the show has done is show that she is still battling with her demons and acts like a spoilt brat when something does not quite go her way. The recent argument with Johnson before Lohan finally confesses to breaking her sobriety pledge partially shows that.

However, her initial reaction is understandable. Johnson asked the question suddenly while on camera. This was something that the Freaky Friday star was ready to admit, and it is even harder knowing that the confession will be aired on national TV. It was up to Johnson to asked her without the cameras around, and discuss the situation with the actress. This was something the actress expected, considering they had plenty of moments alone to have the conversation.

The 27-year-old admitted everything while in Los Angeles, where she was supposed to have meetings to help kick-start her career again. However, she does not like the city and wanted to be away from there as soon as possible.

During the confession she made it clear that she made a mistake. One drink is a mistake, and it is a difficult road for someone who has an addiction. The worst part for many is the fact that this has happened six times now. Something about rehab is not completely sticking yet. Although, this was one slip up and happened shortly after leaving the facility. She seems to be back on track since, and despite putting herself in other silly situations she has managed to hold her end of the deal. There is hope that Lohan will not need to confess breaking sobriety again, like she has finally done about the first slip up.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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