Justin Bieber Thinks Selena Gomez Is High Maintenance?

Justin BieberIn a story that seems like the pot is calling the kettle black, it seems like Justin Bieber thinks girlfriend Selena Gomez is too high maintenance. He was seen texting somebody while in his recording studio about it, although never mentioned the 21-year-old by name.

The Canadian singer reportedly gave his “elegant princess” a gift of flowers that cost him $10,000. While the cost would suggest high maintenance, there is no evidence to support that she asked him to do this. He apparently did it to win her back, and it was to prove that she really is the love of his life. He also reportedly gave her a ring to signify that he was serious about their relationship.

However, three words come to mind: pot, kettle, black. Bieber is not the most down-to-earth celebrity in the world. He is difficult to control, and seems to just do what he wants whether the law is on his side or not. Could it be the fact that he is not getting the same amount of attention and gifts from Gomez?

They are in a toxic relationship according to sources close to the couple. While they both love each other, there is a level of hate there and their whole relationship is dysfunctional. It has led to many people close to both wanting to see them break up and move on. It will work out best for both of their mental states.

That is not likely to happen anytime soon, though. They want to prove they are stable and can work, despite Bieber possibly thinking Gomez is high maintenance.

Some of Gomez’ friends want her to break up with the 20-year-old singer so much that they considered holding an intervention. They fear that it will cause a relapse of her mental issues that put her into rehab at the start of the year. To make matters worse, the Come and Get It singer never finished her full treatment, believing that she was fully healed and ready to get back into the spotlight.

The more she hears that her friends want the relationship to end, the more she wants to be with Bieber. It seems like the same thing is happening with him too. Friends know that until he does something wrong, there is no way they can talk Gomez out of a relationship with him. Now they are on the sidelines watching and waiting, ready to pick up the pieces.

Despite promising to try to make this work, the Canadian singer is already out with other women according to her friends. However, Gomez is not paying much attention to it publicly. She could be in private, and that could be where the text about being too high maintenance has come from. The 20-year-old may feel trapped being in this relationship, and believe that it is time for another break.

The relationship has never been a stable one since they started dating in 2010. While there are plenty of people wanting to see them succeed, there are others waiting for it to come crashing down and to pick up the pieces. It may not be too long before that happens either if Bieber thinks Gomez is too high maintenance for him.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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