Lindsay Lohan More Than a Troubled Star

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Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan has gained media attention recently for her reality tv series Lindsay. While Lindsay has received mixed reviews in regards to her Hollywood comeback, Lohan’s recent television appearances have given fans a glimpse of the girl who proved her talent in movies such as Freaky Friday and Mean Girls. Although Lohan has battled addiction and entered rehab several times, the actress recently opened up to Ellen saying she is in a good place now and she looks forward to working again. Lohan claims she is committed to staying healthy and many critics of the flame-haired starlet agree that Lindsay Lohan is more than just another troubled star.

Lindsay Lohan rose to fame in 1998, when she starred in Disney’s remake of The Parent Trap. She enjoyed a string of successful box office hits, and released solo albums Speak and A Little More Personal (Raw), before encountering problems with law enforcement and entering rehab. Lohan’s personal life quickly became the focus of paparazzi that tracked her wild antics through Hollywood. Lohan is no stranger to controversy, and negative media attention often drowns out positive reviews of her recent work. However while some critics of the star maintain she is irresponsible and difficult to work with, others acknowledge her talent and say that Lohan is much more than a troubled star.

Last Tuesday, Rosie O’Donnell tweeted that “the Lindsay show is a tragedy on every level,” accusing Lindsay of not sticking with her sobriety. Only days before, tabloids reported Lohan was drinking at music festival Coachella, causing fans to wonder if she was headed for a relapse. A recently aired episode of Lindsay featured some of Lindsay’s bad behavior leading up to a photoshoot for Elle Indonesia. The photographer and editor of the magazine, who had flown 2 days work with Lohan, became furious when she postponed the photoshoot and refused to give an interview. This was not the first time Lohan demonstrated shaky work ethic. In January 2013, New York Times published a glimpse into the set of The Canyons. Journalist Stephen Rodrick painted a portrait of an unreliable actress who “[needs] people and chaos around her 24/7.” On set Lohan was routinely late, sometimes not showing up at all. The article recounted how she complained about co-stars and staff, and disappeared from the set leaving the crew to hunt her down.

Despite her problems however, there are those who say she is more than her troubled star status. When asked about Lohan’s talent, director Paul Schrader said that Lohan is a natural in front of rolling cameras. Although he admits it was often difficult to get Lohan to the set of The Canyons, Schrader told New York Times journalist that Lohan has a natural ability to capture her audience. Lindsay Lohan also garnered positive reviews for her recent appearance on CBS comedy 2 Broke Girls. Critics commented on Lohan’s screen presence, saying her performance on the show was just a sample of what Lohan is capable of as an actress. Stars of the show Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs also took to Twitter to defend Lohan against claims that she was difficult on the set during the filming of the episode. The 2 Broke Girls actresses both claimed Lohan was professional and competent.

Time will tell if Lindsay Lohan’s career will recover from the setbacks of her addiction, and if she will have the opportunity to prove she is more than another troubled star who could not manage fame. For now she seems to be gaining support from others in the industry, and she spoke optimistically to Ellen about future projects and plans.

Commentary by Sandra Pugliese