Rapper Cuts Off Own Penis Then Jumps out of Building


In a bizarre incident that is sure to make any man cringe with phantom pains, rapper Andre Johnson, who is also known as Christ Bearer, cut off his own penis and jumped out of the second story of an apartment building. At this point, no one knows why or exactly how this all went down early on Wednesday, April 16. It seems that suddenly, without warning, the performer associated with the famed Wu-Tang Clan made some seemingly hasty decisions that have now left him in the hospital.

It all started at an apartment building in North Hollywood. Johnson and members of a rap group, Northstar, were just “hanging out” when the incident occurred. Just before 1:00 am, the rapper known as Christ Bearer allegedly attempted suicide by first cutting off his manhood and then leaping from the second floor apartment balcony.  All this apparently happened before anyone else in the unit could get to him. After Johnson hit the sidewalk, he supposedly got up and began screaming and running around. No word yet on the instrument used for said mutilation or from where it might have come.

Los Angeles police are attempting to determine a motive as to why this rapper, who had just put out a music video, would cut off his penis and jump out of a building. Witnesses who were with Johnson claim he was not using the “kind of drugs” that would lead to such a violent incident. Shortly after the jump, emergency crews arrived on the scene to find Johnson bleeding profusely. They then rushed the victim (and his penis) to Cedars-Sinai Hospital, where surgeons may be attempting to reattach the severed organ.

Andre Johnson, aka Christ Bearer, who is a member of the group Northstar, was originally ushered into the Wu-Tang world by legendary rapper and producer RZA. Prior to Northstar, Johnson was a performer with Wu-Tang-affiliated group Black Nights until their split well over a decade ago. However Northstar and Black Nights came together on a track for Northstar’s debut album in 2003 entitled Bobby Digital Presents Northstar. Since then, Johnson’s group, which also consists of Meko The Pharaoh, has gone on to produce two other albums and cultivate other rap group endeavors.

The peculiar incident comes at an interesting time for Andre Johnson. He had just boasted a new video, “OOOH!” on social media featuring himself and Rugged Monk, originally of the group Black Knights. The video appeared on Tuesday, just one day before the tragedy in North Hollywood. It is too early to tell why the somewhat well-known rapper, who allegedly showed no prior signs of distress, decided to cut off his penis and jump out of a building. However, one may speculate that he was mentally unwell, either due to drugs or some other psychological condition. Either way, Johnson may actually consider himself lucky, as his penis could still quite possibility be reattached. The suicide attempt by the Wu-Tang-affiliated rapper comes one month after a man in England suffered a similar fate when his manhood was violently cut off by an attacker. However, in that instance, the penis in question was not found.

By Josh Taub

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