Lindsay Lohan Sex List Mercifully Short

Lindsay Lohan Sex List Mercifully Short

Lindsay Lohan Sex List Mercifully Short
Sadly, Lindsay Lohan has admitted that her “leaked” sex list is real and, mercifully for her remaining fans, short. Of course there are those who are interested in this recounting by name of her “conquests” between the sheets. The same sort of people who like train wreck television and get excited at the prospect of any sort of scandal of the rich and famous. Interestingly enough, Lohan is one of the few actors to make the transition from child star to adult-ish star with a minimum of muss and fuss.

Until, that is, she began to be better known for the public acts of misbehavior which got her more tabloid headlines that her screen appearances. Her negative publicity was actually better than the quality of her films or her acting in these movies. I Know Who Killed Me is, perhaps the worst of a bad lot and very beneath the actress. Her move into soft erotica continued with her low paying part in The Canyons with co-star, and XXX film star, Jimmy Deen.

About the same time that she started losing her freckles and gaining in training bra cup-size, she also, apparently, discovered booze, coke, and sex. The 27 year-old actress has been dancing dangerously near having a major breakdown and while courts have been lenient with the star in terms of jail sentences and rehab, she continues to, reportedly, drink alcohol when she wants.

Part of Lohan’s problem, apart from being a child star who got hooked on things that aren’t good for her, was having parents who wanted their own “star attention.” Most kid actors have parents who are happy to stay in the background and “manage” their child’s career. Both of Lindsay’s parents seemed to desire their own time on the limelight almost battling The Parent Trap star for attention from the media.

The Freaky Friday actress blazed the way for young female performers to act out, basically doing a “Miley Cyrus” before Cyrus started making headlines for her “alleged” bad behaviour. Despite Lohan’s 90 day stretch in rehab, which started in the Betty Ford Clinic and ended in a Malibu facility after complaining that the Ford rehab center took away her Adderall medication, she still seems dangerously close to falling of that wagon..

There was also news that Lindsay separated herself from Brooke Mueller, who was also in the Ford clinic and rather interestingly the only real issues that Lohan had with the officials running the rehab center, dealt with her parents and not her behaviour. Apparently the sex list, which is mercifully short having only 12 names, was part of Lindsay’s treatment. She has gone on record saying that yes the list is real and that she feels humiliated by the names being released for public consumption.

To be fair to Lohan, she really is not doing anything different than other older, male stars who had reputations as “hard drinking” swordsmen who cut their way through the female population of Hollywood like a razor sharp scythe cutting wheat. Considering that Lindsay obviously realized the power she held as a pretty, young actress who was, in the beginning of her career, wildly talented as well; the 12 names on the list are not that surprising.

Certainly now that the star of The Canyons is trying to keep straight, despite her alleged partaking of alcohol at the Coachella Festival last weekend, she might well be humiliated by the list being made public. In all honesty, Lindsay should not feel badly, or embarrassed by a betrayal of trust. Lohan should really feel anger if anything. The releasing of part of her treatment program, which included the sex list, is beyond tacky and hurtful. Regardless of whether the list was mercifully short or not, the names on the bit of paper were never meant to be seen by those not in a rehab facility. Lohan does appear to be working hard on repairing the damage caused by her “misbehavior” it would be nice if the press would play along. In short, not releasing private information disguised as news.

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