London Tube Strike Cafe Sign Sparks Outrage

London Tube StrikeThe cafe sign “banning” Rail, Marine and Transport (RMT) members from the premises during the London tube strikes has sparked outrage across social media. The cafe owner insists that it was all supposed to be a joke, but that has not stopped various members of the public demanding an apology and stating their opinions of the decision.

There is a mixed view over the current tube strikes in the UK capital. From 9 pm Monday night, picket lines were created for 48-hours in protest against the recent decisions to close tube ticket stations, meaning that hundreds will be out of work. Those making this decision have explained that those at the station ticket offices would be better on concourses. Only three percent of ticket sales are generated from the ticket offices, so it certainly does not make financial sense to keep them in place. Unfortunately, financial decisions like this do mean the loss of jobs.

However, the 48-hour strike is causing disruption across the whole of London as it is the most popular method of commuters to get to work. 8,000 buses are now on the roads to help limit the disruption, with 266 of those not usually running the routes they are doing. It’s caused a mixed reaction between the people needing to get to work. Some are in favor of the RMT’s decision to strike, while others are annoyed that it means they are forced to take unpaid days off or make temporary changes to their routines. Employers are also annoyed as their workers cannot reach their intended destinations.

This is not the first time that tube strikes have happened, and affected the daily lives of others. It is also not going to be the last unless a compromise is reached. The RMT members have stated they will go on another strike from May 5 for 72 hours if this is not solved before then. However, this seems to be the first time that a cafe sign directed at the London tube strikers has sparked such online outrage.

As a joke, Grill Market, a small cafe, decided to “ban” the RMT union members from the premises, while offering 10 percent off for everyone else. Some Twitter users are angry that the joke is at the expense of hundreds of people facing job losses.

Owner Tom, who has not told The Independent his last name has publicly apologized for the sign and now removed it. He took to Twitter to issue an apology, and explained that it was done simply to put a smile on people’s faces. There have been plenty of people seeing the funny side, and have congratulated the cafe for doing something so simple. Others have acknowledged that it was in bad taste, but certainly made them chuckle.

Some people have even stated that they would have walked into the cafe just for putting the sign up. It was appropriate for some, who are blaming RMT members for affecting their days and making it harder to get to work. The cafe sign that sparked outrage has now been removed though, and Grill Market has apologized publicly to all London tube strikers offended.

By Alexandria Ingham


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