The Simpsons to Kill Off a Major Character

The SimpsonsA major character is going to be killed off in the new season of The Simpsons. It is going to happen in the first episode, but nobody is sharing the details yet. All that is known is that it is set to be bigger than Game of Thrones’ “Purple Wedding.” In fact, it seems like it will happen at a wedding, as it has been dubbed the “Yellow Wedding.”

There are a number of major characters on the show. While many are killed off now and then in episodes—usually the Halloween episodes—it is very common for them to come back to life. In fact, only one has died permanently, and that was Ned Flander’s wife, Maud.

Speculations are spreading about the likely suspects, and nobody is off the hook yet. It could even be one of the Simpsons themselves. If it is, Grandpa is the one suggested considering his age.

The decision to kill off a character permanently is an answer to the low ratings the show received last season. The most recent episode this Sunday only had 3.4m viewers, which is the lowest figures to date. Show runners seem to be getting worried, and are trying to shock audiences to get them to tune in again. The question is whether killing off a major character in The Simpsons is really the way to go.

Family Guy did the same thing in its most recent season by killing off Brian, the family dog. That one decision sparked outrage online, with thousands of dedicated fans displaying their anger and disgust, stating that they would never watch the show again. The whole point of that killing was to shock audiences, which is certainly did. The good news for fans was that he returned just a couple of weeks later. Oh, the joy of cartoons!

The question for many fans is just who and how it will happen. How could it be as big, if not bigger, than the “Purple Wedding” scene from Game of Thrones? The Simpsons has a habit of parodying entertainment shows and books, so there are possibilities that it will somehow mimic the “Purple Wedding” scenes, or maybe even the “Red Wedding” scenes to make it bigger and better.

As for who, there are clues but none that will give people any idea of the real victim. All that has been shared is that it is a winner of an Emmy, but there have been 25 winners over the last 22 years, and many of those voice multiple characters. That is still a lot of characters to go through. Al Jean, the executive producer, also hinted that it is someone viewers may not expect to die. That could rule out Grandpa, since he would be one of the most likely, again due to his age.

The decision to kill off a character has certainly sparked interest, which is something the producers wanted to do. Now it just has to bring in the number of viewers expected as people tune in to find out just which major character is to be killed off in The Simpsons in the upcoming season.

By Alexandria Ingham


The Independent


The Independent

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