Lunar Eclipse Starts Mysterious Blood Moon Cycle

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipse starts the mysterious Blood Moon cycle and is sure to capture the imagination of many this spring when the moon puts on a show in the sky on April 15– tax day.  It’s so ironic.  A  phenomenon like this is always fun to see, but this going to be such a rare occasion, worthy of note because of how the earth and the sun will line up in conjunction with the moon.  It will be unlike any lunar event seen in recent times and will be very unusual.  Called a ‘Blood Moon’ lunar eclipse, this time begins a Tetrad series of eclipses where the moon will appear to be glowing red.  As moon cycles go, will this special alignment have an equally unusual effect on the tides, moods and psyche of people and animals like it usually does? Perhaps this event will be a cause for pause.  It will definitely be something to see for sure; a historical moment. The infrequency of the event and the hour in which it occurs creates an additional, intriguing and mysterious idea, like a bonus. It can easily be explained scientifically, but perhaps will be perceived by many as something more ominous and/or of a more biblical nature, so it’s been said. The truth is, the universe is in motion, but does it have to mean anything other than what it is? It is what it is – a lunar eclipse, which starts a mysterious Blood Moon cycle event in the night sky, is something rare and amazing to see. The only thing is the show goes on in the wee hours which means one must do some serious planning to be privy to this display of wonder.

Even more fascinating is the fact that this Blood Moon, as the lunar eclipse event has been called, will happen four times more, sparking mass curiosity and awe. So there will be other opportunities coming up to see the spectacle it promises to be. What it means is the sun, moon and earth will be lined up so the earth’s shadow falls on the moon. What makes it appear red is refraction of sunlight by the earth’s atmosphere. Science and astronomy are most amazing. It will be very cool to see this lunar eclipse which will definitely leave many with a sense of wide-eyed bemusement and intrigue. These celestial events are also seen as harbingers of things to come by many in some religious communities. There is even a reference in the Bible about lunar eclipses, so for many this may be perceived as an omen of sorts. For many others it presents another opportunity to explore further the science of the stars and the moon, the universe. A blood moon lunar event is definitely cause for pause.

At this moment in time science and religion will collide at the intersection of spectrum and awe. It seems from the beginning of the age of reason humankind has come up with explanations for the unexplained events witnessed in the heavens above.  The lunar eclipse is anticipated to and hopefully will be a most exciting day or rather, night, not only for the people but the scientists and astronomers as well. Everyone will be watching and imagining the possibilities in the days, months and years after. It will be interesting to see what happens as the Tetrad series of blood moons unfolds. Will this lunar eclipse inspire everyone to shift their paradigm and broaden their perceptions? Perhaps so. Surely it is time.

Opinion by CL Williams



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