Mad Max Returns for a Video Game

Mad Max Returns for a Video GameThe 1979 Australian release of the cinematic cult classic, Mad Max incited the birth of a dystopian post apocalyptic series that included the films Mad Max 2, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, and Mad Max: Fury Road. The franchise has also often been cited as inspiration for the 1995 film Waterworld. Now, the titular road warrior is returning as a video game character. The game is currently being adapted by Avalanche Studios with Warner Bros Inc. backing and publishing the work. Revealed at the Electronics Entertainment Expo (E3) of 2013, Mad Max is set for release on an undisclosed date sometime this year, though an page lists a release date of December 31 of this year, and an unofficial Internet Movie Database (IMDB) page lists a potential release date as July 17, 2014.

The upcoming Mad Max video game is described as a “post apocalyptic vehicular combat” game and will of course feature the lone wanderer, Mad Max as he embarks on another adventure across a treacherous wasteland. Max will have to brave the wasteland and the various foes he will face on his journey as the ventures off to recover his precious car, The Interceptor. The game will feature a variety of weapons including Max’s favorite, a shotgun, and the aptly named “Thunderstick.” The Thunderstick is an explosive device that can be lanced onto the chest of an enemy, crackling like a lit dynamite stick just before it detonates and blasts its victim into pixelated hunks of chum. Mad Max will feature a crafting system which players can use to create new tools and weapons to add to their arsenal, much like post apocalyptic game series, Fallout. Aesthetic similarities between Fallout and the Mad Max series suggest that the films could have had an influence on the Fallout universe. Few details have been released about the actual vehicular combat that gamers will be playing through, other than that the game will revert to a slow motion when driving and targeting enemies. The Interceptor itself will also be adaptable in nature, featuring upgrade and modification options that Max can implement from his garage.

The game will be playable on Xbox36,  Xbox One, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, and PC. Actor Mel Gibson will not be returning to the title role of Mad Max for the video game and Avalanche Studios has declined using his brother, Donal Gibson, as a voice actor in the project. After a demo of the video game was seen at 2013, wherein the character of Mad Max did not have an Australian accent, the gaming news site AusGamers petitioned Avalanche Studios for a titular character that would effectively pay homage to Mel Gibson’s rendition in the films. Avalanche responded with a confirmation that Mad Max would indeed be portrayed with an Australian accent. Shortly thereafter, director of the 1998 slasher Urban Legend, Jamie Blanks teamed up with Donal Gibson to submit a voice demo online. The effort, however seemed to be in vain, as Avalanche implied that the role had already been cast. Blanks and Gibson responded politely, saying that they understand the studios’ decision and wishing them success with the game.

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