‘Magic Mike’ Will Hit It Hard July 2015

Magic Mike

Summer 2015 will have a little more sha-bang delivered with its fireworks– Magic Mike and crew is planning to return as sweaty and shirtless as ever in a feverishly anticipated sequel. The followup is expected to hit theaters hard one day prior to Independence Day, July 3. Boom, ka-pow, yes!

Rumors are unconfirmed, but many sources are reporting that the new flick will be titled Magic Mike XXL. Whatever the resulting title may be, the entire cast has been slotted to reappear in the sequel offering audiences a second helping of cinematic stud-muffinery. However, no one’s contract has been signed. It will be interesting to see whether or not McConaughey sidles up to the lumberjack cast with his new Academy Awards adornments.

The 2012 original Warner Bros. picture starred Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum, and Matt Bomer, living out the daily grind of being star performers at a premiere and exclusive all-male strip joint. The lady-pleasing film is loosely based on Tatum’s life experiences eking out a living as a male stripper. The film vacillated between live stage performances, where the strippers adopt different fantasy personas for a room full of overheated women, and the realistic issues of living life in a one-party-after-the-next atmosphere. There was a sister and brother. There was sun. There was a penis pump. There were lots and lots of muscles.

The first time around Magic Mike premiered towards the end of June. It looks like the enterprise is seeking out the same summertime crowd. The movie did not have too big of a budget, made for $7 million, and ended up being a huge sleeper hit. Eventually, it snuck up on the box office grossing an easy $167 million worldwide. The film helped launch the rising stardom of Tatum and also helped McConaughey’s resurgence into popular film.

Steven Soderbergh, Magic Mike’s director, is passing off the sequel to his assistant Greg Jacobs. Tatum has signed on to help co-write the script with the original screenwriter Reid Carolin. As early as February, Tatum tweeted a picture of himself with a caption stating that he had begun the early stages of writing Mike 2’s script. The plan is for the film to be a road-trip movie, relying more heavily on the comedic aspects of the storyline, and not so heavily on dramatic twists and turns of the first.

Tatum will appear in another sequel, 22 Jump Street, this summer. Magic Mike 2 will partner a few other comedy sequels–Pitch Perfect 2 and Ted 2 in the 2015 summer lineup. The strip-tastic sequel is also scheduled to open in tandem with Terminator: Genesis, a Paramount and Skydance re-imagining of the well-known sci-fi thriller franchise. The new Magic Mike will have to dig deep and hit hard to regain its audience next July with such tough competition. Considering the popularity of the first movie, including the eager anticipation of the Broadway musical version, which Tatum is producing, fans should be more than prepared to walk into the theater for a scintillating show.

By Stacy Feder

Chicago Tribune
NBC Connecticut
Screen Rant

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