Marijuana Legalization Is Inevitable: Nation Agrees On One Thing


The nation agrees on one thing: marijuana legalization is inevitable. By all accounts, it can’t happen soon enough. Recently there have been more debates and many more studies on the benefits of using marijuana vs. the false criminality of it. Apparently, a majority of people agree, for a change, and rightfully so, that the empirical evidence leans more towards the inevitable reality that using marijuana is a thing. Criminalizing it is actually not worth the money spent on it.  Rather, the money could be better spent on conducting more research and recognizing the obvious positive impacts this herb has.  A new survey by the Pew research group polled a group of people and found that indeed the legalization of marijuana is inevitable.  As the tide turns, one thing is for sure,  this once vilified herb is now revealed as more of a hero and a miracle. Marijuana has enough value medicinally, ecologically, socially and if nothing else, economically to be a win-win on all fronts. Soon more people, voters will join in the national movement towards legalization. It is bound to happen.

At any given moment we can find ourselves in some state of disrepair. Many of the good people in our nation extol the value and healing they’ve received from engaging in this activity. Some people can’t see it or won’t see it. Being in the minority, they will see how this the logical thing to do which is long overdue. The sentiment lately seems to be ‘enough already with the denigration, can’t we just move on?’ Fairly two-thirds majority in the survey agrees that legalizing this plant is where we are heading in this country. When the nation agrees, the only thing to do is get the law changed. Current studies indicate positive results especially in the area of relieving anxiety and PSTD.  Since many are afflicted with these ailments, a new law will in place will help expedite implementation.  Mitigating the pain of a migraine or the misery of a chemo treatment, marijuana has shown itself to be an overall great remedy. It is becoming standard acceptance that the benefits outweigh the side effects as many maladies and miseries are soothed, relaxed, and made easier to bear.

Not only does our country have a very long, famously notorious relationship with marijuana, the truth is it was initially used as hemp for strong fabric and rope. Like tobacco, someone discovered it could be smoked in addition to being ingested thru cooking and medicinal teas. This fact has just become more widely known, and is a thing worth seriously considering. It’s really about time legalization is on the table. It was declared that marijuana was a very bad drug, punishable by incarceration; when all the while the opposite was and is actually more true. If the nation agrees on one thing, it is this issue. With that progress ensues. It shows that we as a nation can make something happen when we are properly informed. As the paradigm shift spreads, it is inevitable that legalization will happen. And it will be one less problem to worry about.

It helps that people are seemingly more open than before, seeing as getting back to nature is more sought after over pharmaceutical remedies. The pending legalization of marijuana is harbinger of hope that there is hope for us as a nation. It would be an act of sanity to do so. Each opportunity to unite on such a thing that matters so much is a welcome reprieve from the barrage of negative information that is presented on a regular basis. Measurable differences are being seen by many (of their own admission) who utilize this type of treatment. The benefits of economic growth and social wellness can be denied no longer. Soon enough people will vote. Cottage industries will continue to flourish , and marijuana’s feasibility as industry and sustainable resource will positively impact many areas of life.  The legalization of marijuana is inevitable and it is amazing this is one thing the nation agrees on that will prove to have been the right thing to do. Environmentally, this herb is hearty in much the same way as bamboo. Like flax-seed or olive or coconut oil, marijuana (especially as hemp oil) can help to facilitate wellness in the body and is a winner in the ‘war on drugs’ battle. That’s one thing for sure.

Opinion by CL Williams




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