Marijuana Legalized for Recreational Use: Let That Thought Go up in Smoke


It is bad enough people petitioned their local governing representatives to legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes, but now it seems that they want to have it legalized for recreational purposes. Let that thought go up in smoke! A couple of days ago, WXOW T.V. Out of La Crosse, Wisconsin, had a short news blurb in which they reported 7:10 of Americans think pot will be used for recreational purposes. 28 years ago, the State of California was the first to legalize smoking marijuana for medical purposes and since then at least 19 other states have followed suit. The idea that governing officials are contemplating legalizing pot for recreational purposes would seem counter-productive as for the studies that have been done between those who smoke pot and those who do not, show those who did smoke marijuana, had a slower hand-eye coordination and slower thought response to those who have not.

Gregory Carlson, a landscaper from Denver, Colorado who did not participate in the survey said Pot does not seem that bad. Overall, it was said rarely does someone smokes a joint and then drives, has not driven their vehicle the wrong way into a school bus . . .They just drive slower. So, OK, they drive slower, but then that would that mean their reflex time to something happening in front of them is hampered. And what about students that smoke pot? Their GPA is lower in comparison to those who do not smoke pot. Why do you think marijuana is called “Dope?” People who smoke pot act and do stupid things.

Smoking weed does have harmful effects on the body and can be addictive. People say it helps them relax and forget the stress of the day. While it is true makes people have a sense of being relaxed, it might also change the behavior in a person. Hmm, it kind of reminds me of how alcohol can change a normal peaceful person into a mean, angry, and violent drunk. It is something to meditate on is it not? Regular marijuana use effects the memory, learning, and adaptation. It has been reported that it also slows down your heart rate and gives a weak pulse. That is all what the USA needs, someone in the driver’s seat traveling down Interstate whatever and their heart rate has slowed down and their pulse is almost non-existent, just because they had just finished smoking legalized marijuana “recreationally” with their friends. It would be best not be on that stretch of highway.

Since marijuana is a drug, and some people want to see it sold in pharmacies for medicinal purposes, it makes sense to take a look at the word “Pharmacy” to find out its meaning. The Greek, for “Pharmacy” is translated “Pharmakia,” which has the meaning of “witchcraft or sorceries.” In Galatians 5:20, it is listed as a work of the flesh in opposition to the Spirit of God working in us. Idolatry, witchcraft (pharmakia or drug use), hatred, variance, emulations, wrath, strife, seditions, heresies . . .

400 years ago, drugs were most commonly used in pagan worship to hallucinate and try to get in touch with evil spirits. Now someone will immediately rise to their feet and say, “But I am not smoking marijuana to contact any evil spirits, I need it to relax.” But what have the studies shown us? People who have smoked marijuana in large amounts claimed to have had some sort of hallucination or delusion. What about that movie with Cheech and Chong? Up In Smoke? They acted like complete idiots. They glorified the idea of smoking pot and it is quite possible that movie opened up the door to those who never smoked pot, to venture out and try it.

With all the hubbub regarding legalizing marijuana, one could wonder, is there a difference between regular marijuana and medicinal marijuana? Is it like having a choice between regular and decaf coffee? How about regular and unleaded gasoline? Truth be told, does this possibility of legalizing marijuana for recreational us shudder to think where will we see it being sold? McDonalds? In our schools? God forbid! Legalize smoking marijuana for recreational purposes? Let that idea go up in smoke!

Opinion by John Thomas

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