Marijuana Pizza and the Buzz


An un”cann”y marriage of two of many people’s favorite things is now finally available at a vapor lounge pizzeria in Vancouver, BC. Mega ILL cafe functions as both a cannabis smoking lounge and a pot-laced pizzeria where consumers are allowed to bring their own cannabis (BYOC-friendly) and freely use the smoke vaporizers dispensed by the cafe while enjoying a pot-oil-infused artisan pie. News about the marijuana pizza at Mega ILL has been abuzz this week as word of its undeniably gossip-worthy union continues to get out.

Mega ILL cafe owner Mark Klokeid explains his establishment as a “pot friendly” environment, but since Vancouver has been a long time proponent of smoke lounges, he wanted to do something that made his dive stand out among the others. “I figured, why not match that with pizza?”

In order to get high on the pie, consumers need to be 18 years of age and be a licensed medical marijuana card holder. “Medicating” your pizza is an additional $10.

Once the order is placed, the pizza-pie man has all the necessities ready to go. A few buttery cannabis extracts are heated with a few tablespoons of oil until the mixture infuses. Then the enhanced oil is drizzled over the top of the pizza before it goes in the oven.

Beyond offering a pizza with enhanced rewards, Mega ILL takes as conscientious route to providing the public with a healthy pie. They do their best to use mostly organic and local ingredients, and the crust is a combination of whole wheat flour, hemp hearts (rich in Omega 3 fatty acids), and oatmeal flour. This pizza is definitely not a frozen, cardboard box midnight snack delight. Much thought and consideration has gone into this mind-altering miracle food to make it intoxicatingly good.

Klokeid says the buzz from his marijuana pizza is pretty strong. THC likes to stick to the fat in the cheese and butter, which any pizza has an exorbitant amounts of, so once ingested the medicinal results are highly sensed. Consumers say the effect is not quite the same as smoking cannabis directly, and it takes about a half an hour to feel the results.

As a cancer survivor, Klokeid has his own “green card” and frequently uses medical marijuana to benefit from its anti-cancer properties. He claims to not use any other pain medication. Klokeid said he wanted his pizzeria to be a place where others who suffered like him could “vaporize and get a healthy meal.” There are many patients with medical marijuana cards that cannot smoke and need to ingest their medicine. Klokeid is pleased to offer them the opportunity at Mega ILL.

The business owners of Mega ILL say they got the idea for their marijuana pizza from Cambodia. For years, Cambodia’s “Happy Herb Pizza” pizza shops that offer a cannabis garnish has been a sought after destination for weary, body-sore back-packers. Although, cannabis is not legal in Cambodia, its use as a therapeutic supplement in cooking is not a priority for police. There are many “Happy Pizza” establishments throughout the touristy areas of larger cities happily serving up happy pizzas.

Mega ILL believes they are the only restaurant in Canada that serves a buzz with their pizza, however undergoing changes in the country’s medical marijuana system may restrict their medicinal contribution to their community. But as for now, Mega ILL’s doors are open, and they will serve any one of their pizzas piping hot, highly enhanced, and with a smile.

Opinion by Stacy Feder

The Vancouver Sun

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