Marlon Wayans Exclusive Interview: A Haunted House 2 and More (Video)

Marlon Wayans Exclusive Interview: A Haunted House 2 and More

On April 4, 2014 the Guardian Liberty Voice had the opportunity to hold an exclusive interview with Marlon Wayans the writer and star of A Haunted House 2. This sequel to the very popular A Haunted House will open nationwide on April 18th and Marlon is promoting his latest film by going to each city where advance screenings for his movie are taking place.

Despite a busy and hectic schedule the 41 year-old writer, film star, and director/producer managed to fight off exhaustion long enough to squeeze one more interview in at the Adventuredome located in the Circus Circus Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. After being treated to a special tour of the theme park section of the casino where he saw the “fright dome,” he stopped to have a chat with Michael Smith of the Guardian Liberty Voice underneath the dome’s rollercoaster.

With a backdrop of high-pitched screams of delight, the star and writer of A Haunted House 2 talked about his bringing back the previous players from the first film, the new faces brought on board, and relying on feedback from fans of the movie. There was also talk of increasing the Latino presence in horror films, Samuel L. Jackson and Vincent Price.

Looking Marlon Wayans in the eyes when he entered the area where we were to conduct our exclusive interview it was apparent that the writer and star of the film was one step away from exhaustion. While getting himself sorted he spoke to the make-up lady and questioned his sanity at the decision to attend each and every advanced screening for his latest film, A Haunted House 2 and participating in more promotional appearances than your average film star makes on the publicity trail.

What follows is the transcript for the interview. Apart from the beginning interaction where Marlon Wayans will have his name spelt out, along with the Guardian Liberty Voice, further questions and answers will be labelled “M W ” for Marlon and GLV for the Guardian Liberty Voice.

Guardian Liberty Voice: We are meeting today with Marlon Wayans, the writer and star of A Haunted House 2 which is the sequel to the original, a knockout brilliant film A Haunted House. It is our pleasure to have a chat with you. Welcome to Vegas!

Marlon Wayans Exclusive Interview: A Haunted House 2 and More

Marlon Wayans: Thank you.

GLV: We’re so pleased to see you here.

M W: Well it’s nice to be here, there are a lot of people here at Circus Circus.

GLV: There are indeed.

M W: I tried to walk fast and people would be looking and saying was that Marlon Wayans? But pewrow I was out of there!

GLV: We were wondering how you were going to get here and not get mobbed!

M W: No, I just walk fast because I got long-a** legs. It’s hard for folks to catch up to me. I slow down for the kids though.

GLV: Well that’s good.

M W: If you’re over 12, well that’s sad. (Shaking his head)

GLV: Well I wouldn’t stand a chance then. (laughs) Before we talk about the film, I noticed the other day that you guys actually PUNK’D Robin Meade in Atlanta Georgia.

M W: Yeah, we did, we got her…

GLV: Well I watched it a couple of times…Did it bother you that nobody caught, right in the middle of all that, that you did the most “spot-on” Samuel L. Jackson impression ever?

M W: (laughing) No way. All you have to do speak really loud and say “mo-fo” a lot.

GLV: Well you nailed it!

M W: Thank you! I could do some Star Wars…George Lucas you listening?

GLV: You heard it here first! So you brought the old gang back, for “A Haunted House 2.”

M W: Yeah some of the old gang and some new gang. The guy that played Agouhl Dave Sheridan is still here, Essence Atkins is here, Cedric the Entertainer, Affion Crockett came back; Gabriel Iglesias is here and we’ve got Jaime Pressly. So we’ve got a great strong cast.

GLV: Essence Ashtkins…Essence Atskins…

M W: You had a Freudian slip there… Essence got a**kins… you got it right…Essence…

GLV: (laughing) What I wanted to ask was it hard to get her to come back? With schedules and things?

M W: No it wasn’t really, in fact it wasn’t hard to get anyone to come back. We all had so much fun on the first one that they all agreed to do it again.

GLV: It certainly looked like you all had an enormous amount of fun on the first one. I was just curious, after watching the first one and then seeing the trailer for this one, you give little nods and winks to a lot of films; “Paranormal Activity,” “Drag Me to Hell,” and so forth, but your film is not a horror parody as such, is it.

M W: That’s right, it is not a horror parody, it is a horror/comedy…Having said that, there were some parody items that I had to have! The creepy doll from Conjured, the box from Possession, the sins kinda guy from Sinister, that we called Agouhl, we had to have.

But the whole idea behind the movies are they are original stories. It’s really about the black perspective dealing with the supernatural. Jamie Pressly is like, “Do you hear that sound? Let’s go investigate. And my character is like, “No, let’s move.” You also get the Latino perspective. I really think that there needs to be more of a Latino presence in these films. They are a huge presence across the country and they should be represented.

Of course we need to make fun of them just like we make fun of everyone else. Give them a chance to be offended. We want to offend everyone. We are equal opportunity offenders.

GLV: I loved the bit where your character goes up to Gabriel Iglesias and asks him to cut the grass…

M W: And he’s like “Puto, I live here!”

GLV: Yes, I live here! Very funny, just brilliant.

M W: Thank you.

GLV: Just stepping away from the film again, you’ve done some dynamite serious roles; G.I. Joe: Rise of the Cobra which I thought, you knocked it out of the park in that one. But some people wanted to give you a razzie for that…

Marlon Wayans Exclusive Interview: A Haunted House 2 and More

M W: Well, actually I got a razzie nomination. I was actually kind of annoyed that I didn’t win one! I don’t know, people have this certain image of me and it’s all subjective. Its very subjective…I’m known for playing weird things, but I know my versatility. And I am versatile; I’ve played an action star, a junkie, I’ve been a white woman, I played a little person…I mean, you know, Brad Pitt never played a white woman or a little person.

GLV: That’s it! Brad Pitt’s never done that! Would you like to do some more serious stuff?

M W: Yeah, I’d love to do some stuff, but, you know, not like an extra. Like slave number 82, in 12 Years a Slave. Now make me the lead slave, that would be good.

GLV: One thing I noticed is that you guys, you and your brother, worked on “Scary Movie” 1 & 2 and now “A Haunted House” 1 & 2. Are you planning on a Haunted House three?

M W: If two makes money sure! I don’t want to talk trilogies on a fallen sequel. So I don’t want to put the cart before the horse. Before that I’ll listen to what being said about the film. I’ve been to over 16 cities where the movies playing and I’ve gotten nothing but positive thoughts. I tell people to tweet me @marlonWayans and tell me what you think. I don’t care if its good, bad or ugly, I’ll re-tweet it. I’m just “gangsta” like that…Better not say nothin bad about it, else I’m gonna punch him in the neck!

GLV: Yeah please don’t say anything bad. (laughing)

M W: I’m gonna punch him in his neck! And I’ll break his tie and his coat! (laughing)

GLV: You guys…actually I say you guys…All you brothers…

M W: (Laughing) You say “you guys” and I’m, you mean black people? Then you say, all you brothers, and I’m like, black people?

Marlon Wayans Exclusive Interview: A Haunted House 2 and More

GLV: (Laughing) Yeah I saw that, I kept getting worse! I mean you and your brothers, the Wayans, when’s the next time that you’re all going to get together on a big blow-out project?

M W: I don’t know, I miss them, I’d love to do something with Keenan and hopefully we’ll all get together on my next project. But we are putting together a Wayans Brothers’ tour , me, Shawn, Keenan and Damon and we’ll be doing that next year. So start looking for publicity for that by 1 April next year.

GLV: Most definitely, we’ll be looking for that! When they were handing out talent, they definitely gave you guys more than your fair share!

M W: Thank you. My Mom just has a talent factory inside her…

GLV: Well, we don’t want to keep you too long, since you’ve got loads of different people to talk to, and since I don’t want to get punched in the neck…

M W: No I’d never do that. You look too much like Vincent Price…

GLV: Oh that’s cool!

M W: It is cool, it is cool. Can you do a Vincent Price impression?

GLV: No…

M W: Well then shhhh just be quiet and look at the camera…

Marlon Wayans Exclusive Interview: A Haunted House 2 and More

After doing a very quick Vincent Price impression, and sharing another laugh with Marlon Wayans, the exclusive interview was finished. We talked about his film, A Haunted House 2 and more. The time was short but Marlon managed to have a laugh or two with the Guardian Liberty Voice and despite being very, very tired, and the area very noisy, he was a gentleman and a real joy to chat with. Dont’ forget, A Haunted House 2 opens nationwide on April 18, 2014.

By Michael Smith




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