Matt Flynn Signs With Green Bay Packers

Green Bay PackersAfter a rollercoaster ride for Matt Flynn, he ends up back where he began, with the Green Bay Packers. Flynn and the Packers came to an agreement on Monday to finalize his fate, at least for the next season. The Green Bay Packers signed Matt Flynn on as their back-up quarterback for the season and for good reason.

Flynn is no stranger to the Packers, breaking the record for most touchdown passes in a game in 2011 after taking over for Rodgers. He threw for 480 yards in the game against the Detroit Lions, although the game had no significance for the season, it was a complete assault on the Lions from Flynn. That year the Packers had a record of 15-1 only to lose in the first round to the Giants 20-37, leaving fans scratching their heads. The season was a shoe-in for the Packers to go back to back Super Bowl, but it just went wrong somewhere.

Flynn was able to keep the Packers season alive in 2013 after he was signed on the roster. He was picked up after Seneca Wallace was injured and Scott Tolzien was not able to give the Packers the push they needed. Flynn was able to come in for the Vikings game and finish it with a tie. The Packers, due to his play, were able to hold their playoff hopes in their own hands. Rodgers played the last game of the season and was understandably rusty. His performance was not his best, but the Packers were able to take the North, reach the playoffs and face off against San Francisco for the second time in the year.

The news of Matt Flynn and the Green Bay Packers signing a deal is one of relief for the fans. Packer’s fans have been spoiled for decades in their quarter back play, with Favre and Rodgers, so when the star quarterback went down last year, fans were able to see what life would really be like without their key position filled by number 4 or number 12. One could finally sympathize with the rest of the league who has trouble in those positions. Although Flynn is not the masterful player Rodgers is, he understands the game and makes good decisions. He will keep the Packers in the game if he is asked or needed.

Green Bay PackersThe signing of Matt Flynn surely came from the play of last season and Packers’ management understanding the importance of a backup quarterback. Flynn is someone who would not make a lot of mistakes, could keep the packers in the game, and when opportunity arises, take advantage for the win. With Flynn being released from both the Seahawks and the Raiders, he was on the market. After the Bills gave him a look, he found himself back where it all began, in the clubhouse of the greatest stadium in the North, Lambeau field, to once again prove his worth. It has not been an easy run for Flynn but he stays in there and does what he is asked.

Flynn ended last season completing 61.4 percent of his passes for 1,146 yard, seven touchdowns and four interceptions. He was able to bring the Packers back to win against Atlanta and Dallas, no easy task. Overall, Flynn went 2-2-1 before he turned over the reins to Rodgers in game 17.

The Green Bay Packers are not leaving anything to chance this year, they will be covering all of their bases, including signing a backup for Rodgers that they can feel comfortable with, Matt Flynn.

Commentary by Jabar Morarend

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
CBS sports

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