Michael Schumacher Is Not Going Home

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher’s manager has dismissed rumors that he is going home and said it is not true that he stopped responding to treatment. After the German and especially the British media wrote that legendary sportsman Michael Schumacher is already in a permanent vegetative state, his spokeswoman today denied the news. It is also not true that Schumacher’s wife Corinna will take him home and that she therefore equipped a room that is suitable for the stay of such patient.

The long-standing representative of Michael Schumacher Sabine Kehm has officially denied some statements that aroused great concern among supporters of 45-year-old Formula One champion. German Bild reported that Michael Schumacher, who is in a coma since skiing accident in December last year, is recovering well. “Michael’s family, friends and doctors are optimistic that he will wake up from the artificial coma,” they wrote. Kehm said that 94 days after the serious skiing accident, number of positive changes are noticeable in the state of Michael Schumacher. “I stress that there are more signs that give us courage,” she said, and denied the reports that the wake-up phase is completed, because Schumacher stopped responding to treatment and slipped in a permanent vegetative state. “We are confident that Michael will survive this experience and wake up. We are fighting for his life, along with doctors that we trust.” Kehm added.

She also denied that Schumacher’s wife Corinna built a special hospital room in their villa on Lake Geneva, suitable for patient care in a permanent coma. “News that Corinna wants to take Michael home because there is no more hope, are completely wrong. Any published information on the health status of Michael Schumacher, that the medical team does not confirm, should be considered as wrong,” she added. If Schumacher’s waking from coma does not end as expected, the seven-time world champion in Formula 1 will be transferred from a hospital in Grenoble to a specialized institution for long-term care. Doctors said that home care of a patient with such severe brain damage would be extremely complicated, because the condition may worsen at any time. It is true however that they are building something. Due to Michael’s situation, they decided to build a house for his father Rolf. Since the accident, Shumacher’s dad daily commutes 220 ​​kilometers from home to hospital in Grenoble, where Rolf’s son is receiving the best medical care. Rolf spends up to ten hours bedside Michael’s bed, returning back home in the evening.

“Miracles do happen, and Michael is a wealthy man who has the best care that money can buy,” said a family friend. “But all the money in the world can not fix what happened to him. Family is preparing for the possibility of permanent immobilization,” he added. Even if Schumacher ever wakes up from a coma, it is unlikely that he could ever have a normal, active life again. To the great disappointment of his fans, Michael Schumacher remains in Grenoble hospital until further notice and will not be going home for quite some time.

By Janette Verdnik




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