Mila Kunis Expecting a Baby Girl?

Mila KunisThe couple is still to publicly confirm the pregnancy, but Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis are reportedly expecting a baby girl. They are also allegedly excited about the gender, although one would hope they would be happy either way.

Both celebrities have been extremely quiet about their upcoming family plans. Rumors have circulated for weeks now about their engagement and pregnancy, but they have played the questions well. Kunis recently made a joke about being extremely happy with co-star Channing Tatum at a recent red carpet event.

According to a source close to the couple, Kutcher is currently working with That 70’s Show co-star Danny Masterson to arrange playdates for their little ones. Masterson has a two-month-old daughter, which would be perfect if the couple really is expected a girl.

It seems like their friends are doing all the talking for them. Sources have shared the pregnancy cravings and exercises that the Ted actress has been having and doing. One of the exercise programs is reportedly a “no-impact aerobic exercise program” that is popular for expectant mothers at Los Angeles’ Sherman Oaks.

Kutcher definitely has a lot of practice with girls. When he was married to Demi Moore, he was stepfather to her three daughters with Bruce Willis. However, the 36-year-old has not had to do the sleepless nights and diaper changes. His three stepdaughters were in their teens to mid-twenties before the celebrity couple divorced last year. Of course, the rumor that Kunis is expecting a baby girl is still a, well, rumor.

Despite being silent about her pregnancy, the star did show off her baby bump at the MTV Movie Awards. She also placed her hand on her stomach like many pregnant women instinctively do.

Part of the Black Swan star’s exercise routine has involved pregnancy yoga, dance and meditation. It is all extremely safe for pregnant women, and a great way to get the body ready for childbirth. According to E! Online it is also a good way for expectant mothers to connect with their babies. Some of the “no-impact” routines have also involved spinning, which is a high-energy workout that the star reportedly loves doing.

The couple has been quiet about a lot of aspects of their relationship. However, the two have been spotted out and about a lot together over the last two years. Their relationship started off as friends, after Kunis wanted to be supportive during Kutcher’s public divorce, but it soon turned into more than that. She was spotted wearing an engagement ring shortly after Christmas, and a baby bump started forming just after that.

There are now questions over whether the two will marry before or after the baby. It is likely that they knew about the baby before the engagement was made officially, and have probably already gone through their plans. There is no need to share it with the media. It would be nice to wait since they would have a very special flower girl. That is if Kunis really is expecting a baby girl.

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