Pierce Brosnan Dislikes His Own James Bond Portrayal

brosnanEveryone’s fourth favourite James Bond actor, Pierce Brosnan, has come out and said that he dislikes his own portrayal of MI6’s top spy. Apparently, the Irish actor feels he was “never good enough” as 007, despite him being universally regarded as a lot better than those who immediately preceded him in the role.

On the whole, are we surprised by this news? Well yes, actually, we are. I know it is extremely common for actors to have low self-confidence in real life (maybe choose a profession that doesn’t involve widely-viewed performance-based work then?) but Brosnan can surely look back at his time as Bond and be satisfied with what he sees, can’t he? I mean, yeah, the movies are awful, but that is not his fault because he did not write them. I challenge any actor to make a good film based in reality but with plot points that involve virtual reality simulators and satellites that focus the sun’s rays into a weapon of mass destruction.

Poor old Pierce made the best of a bad situation because the 90’s were renowned for hit-and-miss film making; on one hand we had Pulp Fiction, and on the other we had Batman & Robin.  One side was The Shawshank Redemption, the other Waterworld. If you need a clue as to which side is which, just watch Waterworld. Fact is, when Brosnan read the first half of the script for The World Is Not Enough (he would undoubtedly have fallen asleep before the end) he should have simply put it down and walked away, crossing his fingers in the hope that like all spy documents of the day, it would self-destruct in a matter of seconds.

Being a big Pierce Brosnan fan myself, I am a little disappointed that he dislikes his James Bond portrayal. As a young child when most of his films came out, I was enthralled with the exaggerated storyline and far-fetched gadgets that I now realise are borderline insulting to a half-intelligent adult audience. I know people hate the invisible Aston Martin from Die Another Day, but anything that becomes invisible is simply Earth-shatteringly cool to a nine-year-old (you can imagine my excitement when mother and father bought me an invisible PS2 for my 10th birthday and an invisible TV to play it on). I think in reality Brosnan has beef with the writers of these films, or perhaps even the manufacturers of whatever it is they were smoking when they concocted such ridiculous ideas.

It is a shame that the franchise chose to clean up its act the moment Brosnan walked out and Daniel Craig walked in. I can imagine their thought process the moment they saw Craig went something like, “Bugger, we might have to take this one seriously or he’ll just pummel us all into the ground”. Hence the spliffs were put out, socks were pulled up, they made a pretty good movie, and Pierce Brosnan was left watching from the cinema, wondering why the writers couldn’t have at least tried a little bit when he was around.

I will give you some advice on the house, Pierce Brosnan; never blame yourself, because it is always someone else’s fault.  I do not know anyone else that dislikes your James Bond portrayal but nearly everyone I do know hates the movies themselves to some degree or another. There, that should make you feel better.

Opinion by Zachary John




2 Responses to "Pierce Brosnan Dislikes His Own James Bond Portrayal"

  1. Naveen Rajeev India   May 3, 2014 at 8:37 am

    I couldn’t agree more with this author ! Still I could just drool whenever I watch Remingto Steele

    Pierce Brosnan ki Jai !

  2. Joyce   April 17, 2014 at 6:05 pm

    I don’t agree. Next to Connery he was the best. Daniel craig is like a little asexual troll who just goes about killing people like a machine with no feeling…blah! While Craig isn’t the worst he is not in my mind or ever will be James Bond..


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