Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour Detroit Rave Reviews

CyrusMiley Cyrus brought her Bangerz Tour to Detroit Michigan last night to rave reviews and a sold out venue. Twitter is alive with pictures and reviews of her show from last night, including the great shot below. The public is raving not only about the show, but about her outfits, performance, and her strong vocals. She certainly seems to have a huge fan base in the Motor City, she packed the house and rocked their socks off. Her acoustic number, where she came out wearing only a flannel shirt, got the crowd going and tweeting that even if you don’t like her, the concert was the best party ever. Cyrus responded to her fans last night by saying “best night of my life is an understatement no words are close enough to describe how I feel #BangerzTourDetroit”

CyrusPlaying to a full house, the singer seems stronger than ever after dealing with the loss of her dog Floyd. She sang in tears more than once at her first few gigs after the passing of the family pet. She even cancelled a few shows, which some speculate was related to grief rather than the official reason that came from her camp, which was illness. Regardless of her reasons, her fans have not sought to  begrudge her a little private time to grieve, or recover. The Bangerz tour in Detroit last night came with nothing but rave reviews for Miley Cyrus, and more than one exceptional picture posted on social media. One of the best, and most re-tweeted photos is posted to the left. This fan really knows how to capture a moment. After pulling out of tour dates last week in Charlotte due to illness, Cyrus came back strong in Washington, and even stronger last night in Detroit. Her antics are definitely at an all time high, and really do not surprise anyone anymore. From riding giant hot dogs to getting her behind smacked by little people, it is what is expected from her when attending one of her concerts. The costume changes are multiple, along with showing the amount of skin that her followers have come to expect. At this point, anything less would be disappointing.

Having a reputation for crazy antics at her concert has increased the rush for tickets at every stop of her tour. Her die-hard fans expect and demand crazy from the pop star, and she is definitely not letting them down. Everything from entering the stage from a giant Miley head, and riding down a slide that comes from the projections mouth, to a giant glowing eyed Floyd, the fun never stops. From dry humping dancers on giant beds, to sitting on a gold pimped-out ride and singing in the Motor City, she may just be one of the smartest businesswomen around. She certainly knows how to draw a crowd, and attention, which easily translates into dollars. A far cry from the Hannah Montana days, all reviews for the Detroit Bangerz tour are nothing short of raving in support for today’s Miley Cyrus.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska
@KCs Bookshelf

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