Miley Cyrus Continues Outrageous Behavior

Miley Cyrus

There is no denying that the Culture and Media Institute’s 2011 Role Model of the Year and former Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus burst out of her sweet schoolgirl shell, and seemingly grew up overnight…in a big way!  While Cyrus continually serves up wild, outrageous, questionable behavior, fans, critics, and naysayers continue to eat it up time after time.  As her wild moments add up and continue to make headlines, her publicity soars, and there is no end in sight.  We should have seen this coming with her 2009 pole dance at the Teen Choice Awards. 

Cyrus’ track record of wild behavior most recently involves nudity, something that she is very well-known for.  A leaked photo from her Adore You remix cover shows her topless on a horse, sporting only a thong.  She has also appeared topless in a photo that she posted on her Twitter page in support of the “Free the Nipple” film, in Vogue Germany magazine, W magazine, the cover of Rolling Stone, and completely nude in her notorious Wrecking Ball video. 

Cyrus is no stranger to being seen scantily clad in performances, photos, and generally in her day-to-day wear.  Remember the Michael Jordan jersey, and nipple pasties at the iHeart Radio Fest?  She recently missed a costume change during a performance and was forced to go on stage in her “undies,” but the sexy outfit was only missing a pair of chaps that she normally wears with it.  She is no stranger to displaying her nudity, obviously not shy about her body, and is willing to show it off whenever the need strikes, reveling in the publicity and general praise that it creates from her fans.

Continually adding to her track record of outrageous behaviors and her affinity for smoking weed, Cyrus hit the stage in Canada on March 31 wearing a rhinestone studded leotard covered in marijuana leaves.  Then she posted a video on Instagram of her cursing fellow singer and Canadian Avril Lavigne, and play-fighting over the country’s “most famous” title.  In the video, she wears a onesie with a large marijuana leaf on the front of it.

Cyrus’ pot smoking and love for the drug has never been a big secret, but even Wiz Khalifa was shocked at the amount of marijuana that she smokes.  “She smokes a ton” and “she’s just blowin’ like a train” he said during an interview with Arsenio Hall on March 31.  Cyrus has also said for herself “Weed is the best drug on earth.” 

She credits growing up as the reason for her wild ways.  Twenty-one-year-olds are still figuring life out, and are expected to act out, party, and be wild, right? 

One thing is certain, we won’t soon forget the crazy antics of this popular young star, or her numerous “tongue photos.”  Her foam finger, and twerking on Robin Thicke during their MTV Video Music Awards performance to “Blurred Lines” will forever be emblazoned on the minds of people young and old, far and wide.  No matter what, people love Miley Cyrus, or love to hate her, and continue to jump at the opportunity to see her behaving in her crazy, outrageous ways.  

Opinion by: Twanna Harps


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