Miley Cyrus Gives New Puppy Away

Miley CyrusA broken heart cannot be mended through replacements, and Miley Cyrus has proven that by given her new puppy away. Moonie was bought for her by her mother in an attempt to get over the grief of the loss of her favorite dog Floyd.

The 21-year-old singer has not shared the details of her dog’s death. She did not really want to admit it on Twitter, since it would mean accepting that it had really happened. There are reports suggesting that the Alaskan Klee Kai was killed in a coyote attack. This would make sense considering Cyrus told a fan that she was too scared to have her new puppy Moonie so close to her larger dogs in case something happened.

It would also make sense considering just how heartbroken the singer is over the death. She never got the chance to say goodbye, and has shown her grief repeatedly to her fans. She broke down in tears on two nights, and was shaking while singing to a giant statue of her dog while in the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

The Hannah Montana actress has not just found any home. Moonie is now in the hands of her mother’s friend, who has another small dog so they can play together. She shared the news on her Twitter feed, when a fan asked about the location of her new puppy.

Cyrus tweeted about giving her new puppy away, thanking Moonie for the peace and comfort. She explained that it was just too soon, but she is missing him already.

Reports suggest that the Wrecking Ball singer expected it to be too soon. She was mentally and physically exhausted when Moonie came into her life, and was not ready to let another pet into her life. Many fans were also questioning the same thing, likening it to the loss of a child. When someone goes through such a loss, nothing can replace that loss.

At the moment, the former Disney star is focusing on her tour. She has a few dates that she needs to reschedule after suffering from an illness shortly after the death of Floyd. She has also rescheduled a different date for uncommon reasons.

The Philadelphia concert in her Bangerz tour has now been moved to April 21 instead of April 22. The Philadelphia Flyers have a Stanley Cup Playoff game against the Rangers. The team always plays home games at the same location as Cyrus’ concert, Wells Fargo. She agreed that her concert date would be moved for the venue’s conflicting events, and all fans will be able to use their April 22 tickets for the new April 21 date.

It has been a turbulent couple of weeks for the Can’t Be Tamed singer, but it looks like things will finally get back to some normality for her. She is still grieving for the loss of her favorite dog, but is moving on sensibly by letting the wounds heal over time. Getting a new dog to replace Floyd was a bad idea, and Cyrus acknowledges that by giving her new puppy away to a better home.

By Alexandria Ingham


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